Update on notorious accident hotspot after calls from worried residents

Crash <i>(Image: Naz Ahmed)</i>
Crash (Image: Naz Ahmed)

Residents have branded a junction in a residential area unsafe after the lines faded, leaving drivers believing they could drive straight through.

Emergency services were called to Auburn Street in Daubhill just before 6pm on September 14 after a crash involving a number of cars.

Pictures from the scene showed a car had hit a wall as a result of the collision involving a Range Rover.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) said: “The collision involved three cars, with one that had crashed into the wall of a house. Firefighters carried out an assessment of the damage to the building and worked to make the vehicles safe, before handing over to Greater Manchester Police (GMP).”

The Bolton News: Crash
The Bolton News: Crash

Following the accident, residents highlighted the many accidents that took place on the same crossroads  junction, citing the unmarked lines as ‘confusing’ for some drivers.

Naz Ahmed who lives nearby, said: “I have been living here for 45 years now and a lot of traffic goes through the roads because there is a mosque and schools in the area.

“It’s really busy at peak times and drivers cannot see the road markings.

“Only yesterday there was a near miss and a little boy almost got hit by a car.

“It needs sorting out because people will park to go to takeaways or something, and do not look when they get to the junction.”

Neighbours of Mr Ahmed also complained that they had reported the issue to Bolton Council numerous times but that nothing had changed.

The Bolton News: Give-way at junction
The Bolton News: Give-way at junction

Mr Ahmed said the issue was then aggravated by  some drivers speeding through the junction, not realising they need to stop at the give-way line.

He said: “There are a lot of young people around here and it’s really scary.

“It’s the second one in a few weeks and eventually someone will be seriously injured.

“When I look out my window, I see accidents and people arguing over whose fault it was.

"People park their cars on either side so the driver cannot see."

Cllr Abdul Atcha for the Rumworth ward, said he was aware of the issue that had been ongoing for over a year.

He said: “I reported it to the Highways department but I was told that they cannot come out to re-do road markings until they have a schedule for that area.

“I have continued to lobby the council to take the matter up quickly as the residents are complaining of the accidents.”

Cllr Atcha later told The Bolton News  the highways chiefs told him the road markings will be repainted soon.