Nvidia’s boss says the world is at ‘tipping point’ of a new era thanks to AI

Nvidia’s boss says the world is at ‘tipping point’ of a new era thanks to AI

In his first public speech in four years, Taiwanese billionaire Jensen Huang - the co-founder, current president and CEO of chipmaker Nvidia - declared that the world is at the “tipping point of a new computing era” propelled by artificial intelligence (AI).

Huang was attending Computex, a computer technology show in Taiwan on Monday, an event showcasing a set of AI-related products - including Nvidia’s AI supercomputer DGX GH200, which the company’s CEO said was now “in full production”.

“I haven’t given a public speech in four years. Wish me luck!” he began while speaking to a packed room. “We have now reached the tipping point of a new computing age,” he added.

Talking about the new AI supercomputer, which has a staggering shared memory of 144TB and is powered by Nvidia Grace Hopper Superchips, which should be able to operate complex AI, Huang said: “We are delighted that Google Cloud, Meta and Microsoft are the first companies in the world to have access to it”.

The billionaire put his company Nvidia at the forefront of the AI revolution he announced, saying that the new DGX GH200 computer would be used for “exploratory research on the pioneering front, the limits of artificial intelligence”.

Nvidia’s goal is to use the new supercomputer to help tech companies create more AI-related products which require more complex computing tasks.

Huang’s announcement comes at a time when Nvidia’s stock is booming, driven by soaring demand for its computer chips to meet the needs of popular AI tools such as ChatGPT.

The chipmaker’s stock has surged more than 20 per cent this week, lifting its market value close to $1 trillion (€933.65 billion) as it rides the AI boom.

“Generative AI is rapidly transforming businesses, unlocking new opportunities and accelerating discovery in healthcare, finance, business services and many more industries,” Ian Buck, Vice President of Accelerated Computing at Nvidia, said in a statement released on Sunday.

“With Grace Hopper Superchips in full production, manufacturers worldwide will soon provide the accelerated infrastructure enterprises need to build and deploy generative AI applications that leverage their unique proprietary data”.