Ocean drivers escape serious injury


Ocean Racing Technology has reported that both its drivers who suffered massive race-stopping crashes in GP2 and GP3 at Spa-Francorchamps have suffered no serious injuries.

However, both of its chassis involved were written off in the two huge accidents.

Nigel Melker was airlifted to hospital in Liege following his GP2 crash at the exit of Raidillion.

His car began to slide in the middle of Eau Rouge, and his battle to regain control ended with him slamming into a tyre wall at unabated speed as he ran out of available run-off.

Ocean's engineering chief Nigel Clyde said: "The initial checks on Nigel went quite well.

"Hopefully they might even release him from hospital tonight, but we don't know for sure whether they will keep him in overnight. We are waiting on the results of tests.

"He was heavily bruised in the crash, but he may even be in a position to race tomorrow.

"The chassis is heavily damaged. The engine is damaged and so is the gearbox. So it will be a whole new car!"

In the GP3 race that followed, Ocean's Richard Cregan suffered a similarly violent accident.

It started when he, David Fumanelli and Alex Brundle collided. Cregan was on the outside of the threesome, and was fired into the tyre wall at Pouhon.

His rear-left wheel, which had already been damaged in the collision, worked loose and entered the cockpit area near his helmet. The conveyor-belted tyre wall also seemed to trap him in the car, and a forklift truck was required to aid his extrication.

Ocean's GP3 team boss Bruno Corbe stated the impact was recorded at 140mph.

He said: "Robert is OK. He was taken to Liege Hospital for final checks, but he feels fine in himself.

"He has some pain in his right leg and a little bit in his neck, but I am not a doctor so I can't tell you for sure.

"The chassis, engine and gearbox are all heavily damaged. We haven't given up yet but we are 90 per cent sure he won't race tomorrow, even if the hospital allows him to. We are not sure if we can get all the parts we need yet either."

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