20 Poor, Poor Souls Who Just Had A Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Worse Week Than You

If you just had an absolutely terrible week, just remember...

1.The person who'd better grab themself a mop:

A store shelf caves in, with bottles all over the floor, with caption: "Before you ask: yes, it was me"
u/pitiful_loquat4090 / Via

2.The person whose jeans just got a fresh, new makeover:

"I didn't know the paint was wet," with footprints on a floor surface
u/rastroboy / Via

3.The person whose fallen lasagna is a testament to man's folly:

"Pain": A pan of lasagna fallen on the kitchen floor
u/gelfingx / Via

4.The person whose package will be in their mailbox until the end of time:

A cardboard box completely filling a mailbox
u/butterybearcheeks / Via

5.The person who spilled black paint tastefully up and down their carpeted stairs:

Paint all over a carpeted staircase
u/guyonabuffalo88 / Via

6.The person whose rear end is about to be experiencing subzero temperatures:

"This is my nightmare": An outhouse interior with snow
u/completefucker / Via

7.The person who tried the oldest excuse in the book:

"Dog ate my AirPod," showing a destroyed AirPod
u/fungi_man / Via

8.The person who'd better get a-workin' on a shelter:

"I dropped my house keys somewhere in this general area," with picture of deep snow in a large front yard
u/kent416 / Via

9.The person whose mirror is looking minty fresh:

:I choked on some toothpaste," with the bathroom window and sink covered in a spray of debris
u/sackadelic / Via

10.The person whose car, much like the great Sir Ernest Shackleton's ship Endurance, is trapped in ice:

"I don't know how I'm going to get to work": Parked car is surrounded by a thick sheet of ice
u/avogadrosarmy / Via

11.The person whose once-pristine baseboards are now forever sullied by the stew they loved the most:

"There's beef stew all over my baseboards": A pot of stew is spilled all over the kitchen floor and lower walls
u/codec3 / Via

12.The person whose washing machine is crying out for help:

"That is...not ideal": Closed washing machine has soapy bubbles emerging from it
u/pleasentice / Via

13.The person whose tire looks absolutely gorgeous:

" this good?": With their reflection seen in their very smooth tire
u/anamazingredditor / Via

14.The person who's going to have to get creative about leaving their house real soon:

"I'm trapped, thanks to the delivery person": Long, thin package is leaning right up against the outside of the front door knob
u/contriv / Via

15.The person who visited an old friend inside a pepper today:

"Oh, hi! Didn't see you there": An insect is inside a bell pepper
u/teamwhatcatswild / Via

16.The person who was kind enough to share their skewer with some tiny, little critters:

"Look closely and you'll see why I'm sad": Close-up of a chicken nugget on a skewer with sesame seeds and little insects
u/zeja- / Via

17.The person whose bathtub water is meddling in some dark-sided stuff:

"That doesn't look right": A bathtub with black water
u/CryptographerHot8765 / Via

18.The person who's blasted with intense sunlight every single day:

"This is how I wake up EVERY morning": with sunlight streaming through the top of the window where the blinds don't extend
u/stumblefish25 / Via

19.The person whose space heater went absolutely nuclear:

"My space heater did this": showing a burned-out outlet
u/palmetto20 / Via

20.And the person who is going to have to Flintstones their way home:

"My gas pedal just fell off": A person holding up a gas pedal in the driver's seat

Yabba dabba dang...

u/wootybooty / Via