19 Poor, Poor Souls Who Just Had A Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Worse Week Than You

If you just had the absolute worst week, just remember...

1.The person who's about to make three new friends:

Three pairs of animal eyes peering from the shadows between attic beams among insulation
u/ocrohonan / Via

2.The person who had the worst kind of surprise:

A sofa with uneven paint on walls behind, where previous owners painted around decor, leaving patches
u/situationno4566 / Via

3.The person who should have brought a pair of Wayfarers onto that plane:

Passenger in an airplane seat in a dimly lit airplane with another very bright screen visible ahead with movie playing
u/performative_pretzel / Via

4.The person whose child's bite is honestly impressive:

Close-up view of a washing machine's open door, focusing on the rubber seal with a piece torn/bitten out of it
u/spliffany / Via

5.The person who found out a fun fact about themself today:

Social media message: "Anyone ever wonder why silence has a sound? It's a quiet wind blowing/high-pitch sound"; response: "OP you have tinnitus"

6.The person whose coat got a hot, new coat of paint:

A person's new jacket splattered with white paint against a metal fence backdrop
u/elisabethjulie / Via

7.The person whose drinks shall never be warm again:

Refrigerator with an overstuffed ice dispenser, ice spilling out into interior, because person didn't put a tray in
u/totallymako / Via

8.The person who better start telling people Jackson Pollock used to live in their building:

Paint splattered on a wooden staircase next to a metal railing
u/lieutenantchonkster / Via

9.The person with perhaps the world's heaviest candle:

A candle on top of a shattered glass-top stove
u/nndyah / Via

10.The person whose dinner is, quite frankly, all screwed up:

Close-up of a slice of pizza with a screw emerging from it
u/killersloth123 / Via

11.The person whose chocolate breakfast will now fortunately ward off any and all vampires:

Sliced chocolate muffin with a stick of garlic butter on a white plate next to it
u/lawbrilliant5716 / Via

12.The person whose clothes shall go unwashed:

Water heater toppled over onto a washing machine in a narrow laundry room, with dislodged shelves
u/admirableflow / Via

13.The person who needs to never, ever try to make bread again:

A vey dense loaf of bread with a thick, cracked crust, dusted with flour, on a wire cooling rack
u/beepbooptheincredible / Via

14.The person who cannot trust anyone in their home:

Three donuts on a countertop with the frosting eaten off of them
u/zapa_rat / Via

15.The person whose melon was harboring a terrible, terrible secret:

A halved melon with brownish liquid and seeds overflowing onto a countertop
u/_don_julio_ / Via

16.The person who experienced true devastation:

Stovetop with a pan containing chicken cacciatore, covered by a shattered lid
u/theslopes / Via

17.The person who has to play limbo with some fallen power lines every time they leave their house:

Fallen power lines running slightly above a rural path parallel to a road with grassy areas and bare trees
u/hector_ceremus / Via

18.The person who got a little extra treat with their delicious pasta:

Worm found at the bottom of a pasta salad
u/stealthchxck / Via

19.And the person who must leave their house and never return upon finding this:

Stick of butter on a kitchen counter with a huge bite taken out of it


u/baroqueenjoyer / Via