Oleksandr Usyk 'laughing' at Tyson Fury over third fight vs Derek Chisora

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'The Gypsy King' is back after 'retiring' with the Chisora fight being the first since he stopped Dillian Whyte at Wembley in April.

Fury was in talks to face either Usyk or Anthony Joshua before the end of this year but he will instead face Chisora, despite him already beating his British rival comprehensively twice.

Usyk - who himself has beaten Chisora once before - has poked fun at Fury while reiterating the need for them to have a unification bout.

"At this time, at this moment, it makes me laugh about it," Usyk said during ESPN's coverage of his Vasiliy Lomachenko's win against Jamaine Ortiz over the weekend. "Why is he doing this?… I think we already agreed with him to fight and now he's running and saying that I don't want to fight him… I know that [he's scared of me.] "He's dangerous. He's big. He's a giant. He's very smart. He knows what to do in the ring. I want to fight with him, and we need to unify all of the titles."

Fury is a great salesman but even he has found it hard to make another fight with Chisora seem tantalising to the public. The WBC world champion has promised his supporters that his latest clash against Chisora will be a "war". "You've got so-called top guys in the division - big fights but no smoke. I offer it to Derek Chisora, boom, he's sat here opposite me. "The man's got balls. Today there's a big lack of balls. Chisora goes to war and we're going to get a war. "He's changed his name from Delboy to War and we're gonna get a war. I did outbox him comfortably the second time, but Chisora's style has changed and, guess what, so has mine! "I used to be a tippy-tappy boxer on the back foot, jibby jabbing around the ring. Now I am the HMS Destroyer." Fury did his reputation no good during the drawn-out Joshua saga and fighting Chisora to give his old mate one last pay-day is not a great look either. You just hope - for the love of God - that Fury-Chisora is purely an unnecessary sidestep on the road to the undisputed fight everyone is after. That is the fight that makes sense, not this nonsense that Chisora has someone swindled his way into.

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