Olli Maatta, Penguins Stanley Cup parade MVP (Photos)

Sidney Crosby won the Conn Smythe as Stanley Cup Playoffs MVP. Evgeni Malkin could have made a reasonable claim for the trophy, too. But when it came to the Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup parade on Wednesday, there was but one man who could be called it’s most valuable … plastered? Player?

Anyway, the answer is defenseman Olli Maatta. He was the parade MVP this year.

Maatta and the boys began their parade on Wednesday morning, but one gets the sense that Maatta’s parade started somewhere around Monday.

He was chugging Natty Light during the parade, and other people where throwing beers at him Stone Cold Steve Austin style.

And just like in the Stanley Cup Final, he had few turnovers:


An aside on Olli Maatta. He was one of the players, along with Bryan Rust, that always seemed to speak on off-days and optional skates for the Penguins during the playoffs. Part of this was, no doubt, because of the large number of foreign press that was covering the team, and giving them something for the papers back in Finland. But it was also a situation where Maatta would explain, in detail, what was going on with the Penguins and himself. Not exactly a P.K. Subban on the quote front, but a good dude to chat with. So thanks sir.

Anyway, back to him getting ‘faced at the parade:

We’re fond of this photo because you can compare Olli Maatta, who resembles a toddler that had an unprecedented growth spurt and learned to skate, with an actual baby.

Cheers Olli Mattaa! And much respect for the “I can’t believe they make us do this crap in the middle of June” jersey sleeve roll-up.

Oh man, the beer. The heat. It’s all starting to catch up with our hero. We haven’t seen someone have to carry Olli Maatta like that since Matt Niskanen.

So it was a long day. A long, glorious, booze-soaked day. There was really only one way to end this parade:

With what we imagine is the single most rewarding yet hideous sunburn in the history of mankind.

Sleep well, our sweet hockey prince. Clearly you’re …

… Finnished.


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