Olympian Laura Muir’s Favourite Things

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  • Laura Muir
    Laura Muir
    British middle distance runner
 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Laura Muir has achieved a lot in her 28 years.

The Scottish runner is the proud winner of a silver Olympic medal, taking home the illustrious award in the 2020 Tokyo games and adding to her long list of achievements in championships around the world. Where she goes, the titles follow: the first British woman ever to win the European 1500m title at the European Championships.

Muir specialises in mid and long distance running ranging from the 800m to the 5000m and as you’d expect the training is rigorous with an “eat, run, sleep, repeat” approach. She is also an ambassador for Muller as part of the brand’s Athletic Squad and faces its latest campaign in a Bridgeton-worthy corseted dress.

We caught up with the superstar to find out the items she can’t live without.


What are you up to at the moment?

I’m just in my winter training at the moment and in London with Muller for the new launch of their yogurts so that’s been exciting.

What encouraged you to team up with Muller?

It’s such a great brand to be involved with it. They are just so supportive, not just me as an athlete, but also of the sport as well. They support lots of competitions throughout the year and lots of other athletes didn’t have those competitions to compete. So yeah, they’re definitely supportive of our sport, which is fantastic. And approachable and lots of fun products.

What is your diet like when you’re training?

I have a lot of dairy in my diet, particularly yogurt, because it’s good for your calcium stores. They tend to also be high in protein, so I find that really useful for having straight after a session or a run. I find it really good for recovery or morphing into a smoothie. Muller have a launch a next February so it’s exciting to have even more flavours to try as well. There are different flavours and different product ranges to suit everybody.

How do you live a healthy and balanced lifestyle?

My motto is just everything in moderation. Work hard but you have to have to treat yourself every now and again to keep you sane.

Can you walk us through a typical day while you’re training?

So if I take a Tuesday, for example; I’ll get up, I’ll have my breakfast usually likes porridge and go for about a 10k run in the morning. I’ll come back, have a yogurt or something and a nap. Then run for about four miles and then get back home, have dinner and an ice bath So yeah, it’s run, eat, sleep, repeat.

What are your training essentials?

I need a lot of headbands and gloves to keep warm. There’s nothing worse than trying to run when you’re cold so I’m always making sure I’m appropriately dressed and have a good supportive pair of trainers. You also have to sort your nutrition.

When I’m training, I just drink water, but then I would bring a cereal bar or yogurt with me to training sessions to have straight away afterwards to kind of maximize that recovery time.

How do you incorporate time for yourself in your schedule?

I just love spending time with friends and family. If I get an opportunity, I go for walks with my friends and family, or am just chilling at home. I’m usually quite tired from training, so I don’t do much.

How do you treat yourself?

I have a sweet tooth so...chocolate. It’s my guilty pleasure.

Do you have any wellness commandments?

My running helps a lot. I don’t listen to music or anything. So this is the time when I can just be with my own thoughts and think things through. If I’m stressed or worried about stuff, I feel a lot better afterwards.

What is your beauty routine?

I use a moisturiser at night, which I just recently started doing because the winter cold can be pretty brutal on the skin and I use that most of the time before I go to bed.

What is your advice to budding Olympians?

For those budding Olympians out there I would say the most important thing is to love what you do. If you maintain your passion and enjoyment for your sport, the hard-work becomes easier and you can enjoy the journey no matter where it leads. I would also say give it your everything, you have a small window to achieve you dreams so don’t have any regrets!

Laura Muir is a Müllerlight Ambassador and member of the Müller Athletic Squad. Müllerlights range of innovative and indulgent flavours means, you can Have it all. Empowering you to enjoy their range of fat free, no added sugar and under 99 calories, decadence that is truly Müllerlicious.

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