Olympic BMX funding cut wins gold for sexism

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<span>Photograph: Robin Utrecht/Rex/Shutterstock</span>
Photograph: Robin Utrecht/Rex/Shutterstock

Instead of fining drug firms that hike their prices (Report, 29 July) a more effective deterrent might be to strip them of their patent at the first sign of overpricing. I’m not sure even large fines will make any difference to the super-rich beneficiaries of these practices. They obviously have no shame and their pockets are deep.
Kate Hanna
Auckland, New Zealand

• Four Conservative, four Labour and one Scottish Nationalist hardly constitute a “genuinely all-party” committee (Editorial, 30 July). Your leader writer needs to wake up to the fact that there are nine other genuine parties in parliament, represented by 42 elected MPs.
Bill Bytheway

• UK Sport’s decision that only male BMX riders would be supported after the Rio Olympics (Shriever and Whyte cap remarkable journey to BMX gold and silver for GB, 30 July) must surely make us all ashamed that such blatant misogyny still exists. How can officials tasked with distributing public money be allowed to get away with it?
Ann Lynch
Skipton, North Yorkshire

• With all the doom and gloom in the media these days, may I suggest your paper develops a “Joyous, funny and happy” news page? It will cheer up so many people, especially us oldies. I am 81 next month and like to hear good news. I am sure you will find one of your reporters with a great sense of humour.
Denis Bate
Royal Hospital Chelsea, London

• I once worked in an occupational therapy unit that had a postcard sent in by a grateful patient pinned to the board – it was addressed to “The Old Tea Department” (Letters, 1 August).
Mike Doak
Staffield, Cumbria

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