Olympic Games - Daley: Fellow divers scared of 10m platform

Olympic bronze medallist Tom Daley has called on fellow teenage diver Jack Laugher to put his unnecessary fears to one side and join him on the 10m platform.

Diving - Daley clinches 10m platform at World Series

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Tom Daley (Imago)

Laugher and Daley struck up a successful partnership at the World Junior Championships in Adelaide last month as they took gold in the synchronised 3m springboard event.

And now Daley, who claimed individual 10m platform bronze at London 2012, wants Laugher to seriously consider partnering him in the synchronised event on the high board.

Daley currently dives with Peter Waterfield while Laugher concentrates on the springboard events and also won silver and gold in the individual 1m and 3m events respectively in Australia.

Chris Mears is another diver Daley is trying to convince to step up to the 10m platform and he insists neither him nor Laugher should be scared of doing so.

"Diving with Jack at the World Juniors just last month was a lot of fun," said Daley.

"I really enjoyed that and I liked the springboard, but to be honest I want to try and convince either him or Chris to come to the 10m platform.

"The problem is that they are too scared. I know that sounds ridiculous but they are divers and yet they don't like the idea of coming to join me in the 10m.

"I am going to continue diving with Pete at the moment - he has said that he intends to retire after the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

"And I hope those guys can come and join me, the future of British diving looks really strong."

And, while calling on Laugher to step up to the 10m, Daley admits he is open to the idea of joining his fellow World Junior champion in the synchronised 3m springboard.

"I quite enjoyed the springboard event in the juniors with Jack so whether I could try and do that with the platform I don't know," he added.

"It's quite an interesting time for me. Springboard is a lot more technical whereas the 10m platform is a lot scarier and about having the balls to take it on."

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