Olympic Games - Pistorius backs London bid for Paralympic champs

Six-time Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius has given his full support to London's bid to host the 2017 Paralympic World Athletic Championships.

Olympic Games - Pistorius backs London bid for Paralympic champs

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London 2012, Oscar Pistorius (Reuters)

Mayor of London Boris Johnson officially announced the city's bid to stage the tournament three days after London beat Doha to become the venue for the 2017 World Athletics Championships.

London would become the first city to host the two events side by side if the application is successful and Pistorius was quick to give the idea his backing.

And the 26-year-old South African sprinter, who became the first double-leg amputee to participate in an Olympic Games earlier this year, believes that the British public are the best fans in the world.

"If we can have the World Championships here [in London] in 2017 it's going to be very special," he said.

"The London Olympic and Paralympic Games have been so special, nobody could have anticipated how fantastic it was going to be and to have something like that in 2017 it's just going to be remarkable once again.

"There's no doubts that British supporters are the most supportive and the craziest in the world. If you think that an event this could be back here in 2017 with a lot of people shouting, it could be the best ever.

"I think if you look at the fact we've never had a Paralympic Games sell out at both sessions, we did in London, that says a lot.

"There was such a presence, there was such an aura around the stadium, they were such a vocal crowd.

But despite giving his backing to London's bid, Pistorius believes that it will be too late in his career for him to participate.

"That’s probably when I’m going to retire but if we can go full circle and bring it here it will be very special," he added.

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