Olympic torch sold for £153,300

Auction website eBay is being flooded with users selling Olympic torches - with one yielding a price of £153,300 just two days into the 70-day event.


Sarah Milner Simonds, of Burnham-on-Sea, listed the item as being "used in the torch relay" with the winning bidder remaining anonymous.

There were over 30 other auctions on the site for Olympic torches, including one with a starting bid of £100,000.

Some 8,000 people are due to take part in the relay around Britain and into Ireland before the cauldron is lit at the opening ceremony on July 27.

Ninety per cent of the torchbearers were nominated through public campaigns, with the emphasis on rewarding local heroes and those who have made a difference to the communities in which they live, and the rest selected by invitation.

Some of the bearers nominated by the relay sponsors have been allowed to keep their triangular-shaped torches, made of gold-coloured aluminium and perforated with 8,000 holes, at no cost while others have been asked to pay for theirs.

Organisers LOCOG had set a cost for their nominees of £199 if paid for before May 1 and £215 thereafter. They said they are actually worth £495.

"The torch and uniform are the torchbearer's to do what they want with, we hope they find a good home," said a London 2012 spokesperson when asked about the eBay sale.

The relay started at Land's End on Saturday.

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