One of Infinity War's biggest mysteries is still unresolved, and fans are speculating about the answer

 Guardians of the Galaxy 3.
Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

There's still one lingering question surrounding Avengers: Infinity War – and Marvel fans are trying to figure out the answer.

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn revealed that, during the events of Infinity War, Kraglin was "off doing something important." But what, exactly, was the Ravager up to? There's no confirmed answer, with Guardians of the Galaxy 3 leaving it wide open.

"I think next time we see him is Love & Thunder, where he's just gotten married. Is there anything more important than love?" asks one person, quite reasonably.

"Probably helping start the community in Knowhere we saw in Vol. 3?" suggests another person – that's our guess as to what Kraglin was up to as well, since the community is thriving by the time we see it in the Holiday Special and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

"I figured he was rounding up the Ravagers since they pop up out of nowhere ready to fight in Endgame," is another fan's theory.

"My guess was that he was gathering up people to help out the fight against Thanos. Could have been that Quill or Gamora told him about it before the fight. Then maybe he kept in contact with everyone in space which is why we saw some of them coming out of the portals like Howard the Duck," agrees another person.

Since we don't have a firm answer, it looks like it's up to us to decide just what Kraglin had going on. It must've been pretty important for him to miss all the Infinity War action, though.

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