OPINION - The Leader podcast: Kevin McKidd on ITV crime drama Six Four

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Kevin McKidd as Chris O’Neill (ITVX)
Kevin McKidd as Chris O’Neill (ITVX)

Star of Grey’s Anatomy and Trainspotting, Kevin McKidd, on his new gritty British drama, Six Four.

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The four-part ITVX series follows characters Chris and Michelle O'Neill as their teenage daughter goes missing. But, these aren’t ordinary parents though, Chris is a serving police detective and Michelle is a former undercover officer.

The disappearance also has a number of suspicious similarities with a previously unsolved local case.

Created by BAFTA Scotland Award-winning screenwriter, Gregory Burke, and inspired by the best-selling Japanese novel of the same name, the TV adaptation is set mainly in Glasgow.

Kevin reveals what sets this series apart from other dramas, how acting differs in the UK and US, as well as why his dad is the ultimate test when it comes to crime thrillers.

All episodes of Six Four are available on ITVX now.

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