OPINION - Talking Point: Should alcohol be allowed in football stadiums again?

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 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Alcohol could be seen at football matches again if a series of pilots in which alcohol can be sold in sight of the pitch goes ahead.

The series was put forward by a fan-led review of football governance, and proposed for matches at clubs in the National League and League Two.

The review, which was published on Wednesday night, recommends the DCMS, Home Office, UK Football Policing Unit and other stakeholders should work together on the matter to save small clubs losing revenue.

Do you think the move is sensible, or is it a rash proposal?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments for the chance to be featured on the ES website tomorrow.

Yesterday’s Talking Point: Should babies be allowed in the House of Commons?

Hawkmatthews said: “The House of Commons should be a place of work ,not a creche for MPs to bring their children to work day. working people have to make their own arrangements to get to work with Childcare, family members, etc.”

But FutureSoundofLondon said: “Working people also have the right to up to a year of maternity leave during which they can breast feed their children. She does not have this luxury because she is legally not allowed to organise cover for votes and committee work. How do you expect her to feed her child if she can’t take him to work?”

And CheshireCat said: “A lot of work places are quite happy to have breastfeeding mothers bit may aren’t so she is not thinking she is special she is simply highlighting a problem.”

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