Original Supergirl Movie Actress Welcomes Milly Alcock Into The Fold After Her Recent DC Casting

 Helen Slater in Supergirl and Milly Alcock in HOTD.
Helen Slater in Supergirl and Milly Alcock in HOTD.

The DCEU is in the rear view, and all eyes are on what co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran are planning for the new shared universe. The next highly anticipated upcoming DC movie is Superman: Legacy, which will kick start the new franchise and features a number of other heroes. The movie is expected to introduce Supergirl ahead of her solo flick, and House of the Dragon star Milly Alcock was recently cast in the role. Now original Supergirl movie actress Helen Slater has welcomed Alcock into the fold in a sweet way.

What we know about Superman: Legacy is limited, but every update has helped to increase excitement-- especially with the inclusion of other heroes like Green Lantern. We're also going to be introduced to Alcock's Supergirl, and Helen Slater posted on Instagram to welcome to her to the family. Check it out below:

How sweet is that? Clearly Slater is proud of Supergirl's ongoing legacy, and the various actresses who have portrayed the role in TV and film. And it should be fascinating to see what the HOTD star brings to the table. Luckily she's already experienced with flying on camera, albeit on the back of a dragon.

Helen Slater posted this sweet message to her Instagram, which has over 14k followers at the time of writing this story. We see various version of Supergirl from over the years, including Melissa Benoist and (most recently) The Flash's Sasha Calle.

The cast list of Superman: Legacy just keeps getting more exciting, as James Gunn cooks up the first installment of the new DCU. The movie will kick start the shared universe, with the first chapter of projects titled Gods and Monsters. With two different Kryptonians in play early on, that name definitely sounds appropriate.

Exactly what Gunn has planned for Supergirl as a character remains a mystery for the time being, but fans are excited to see how the Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker will craft this new shared universe. But considering his acclaimed superhero projects, I've got faith in him.

Slater's Supergirl movie (which is available with a Max subscription) hit theaters back in 1984. The spinoff didn't actually feature Christopher Reeve's Superman, but was technically set in the same world. In fact, the pair never shared the screen until The Flash's cameo-filled multiverse sequence last year.

In the years since, Helen Slater has stayed involved in some DC projects, including a role in the Supergirl TV series. It would be great to see her get a role in the new DCU, but only time will tell what Gunn has up his sleeve. But her excitement for Milly Alcock's casting is definitely heartwarming.

Superman: Legacy is currently expected to hit theaters on July 11th, 2025. While we wait, check out the 2024 movie release dates to plan your trips to the theater.