Oscar Mayer Is Introducing Meat-Free Hot Dogs — and They Promise They Taste Just Like the Real Thing

What will you top your NotHotDog with this summer?

<p>Oscar Mayer</p>

Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer wants to ensure everyone has a spectacular grilling season to come. Including vegetarians.

On Wednesday, the famed hot dog brand announced its newest partnership with TheNotCompany to bring the world its version of NotHotDogs and NotSausages, which it promises are just as tasty as its meat-filled originals.

"At The Kraft Heinz Not Company, our goal is to create mouthwatering, plant-based foods that are delicious and accessible for everyone – from the devoted vegan to the plant-based curious," Lucho Lopez-May, the CEO of The Kraft Heinz Not Company, shared in a statement provided to Food & Wine. "We know people are hungry for plant-based meat options from brands they know and trust. In launching the joint venture's first product in the plant-based meat category, we saw an opportunity to satisfy these consumer cravings, leveraging NotCo's revolutionary AI technology and the power, equity, and legacy of the Oscar Mayer brand."

<p>Oscar Mayer</p>

Oscar Mayer

According to the company, every bite of the dogs and sausage offers a "smoky, savory taste" and looks just like the real thing in both color and texture — and even comes with grill marks to ensure authenticity. And while, yes, the new product is serving a consumer need, it's not a bad investment for the company either. As the company statement pointed to, a January report by Research and Markets showed that the plant-based market in the U.S. is projected to grow from $8.3 billion in 2023 to $19 billion by 2030, making it a rather sound investment. 

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This also isn't the only piece of The Kraft Heinz Not Company's plant-based portfolio. It currently includes the NotMac&Cheese, NotCheese Slices, and NotMayo. According to the company, it plans to introduce more products by the end of the year. As for how you can get your hands on the NotHotDogs and NotSausages, they will first be introduced at Expo West in Anaheim, CA, from March 12 to 16 and will then roll out to retailers across the country later in 2024. roll out in major retailers nationwide later this year. We'll just have to wait and see if the company somehow converts the Wienermobile to a vegetarian-friendly option. 

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