Outback Is Giving Away Free Bloomin' Onions This Week

There's just one catch.

<p>Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples

You can count on a trip to Outback Steakhouse for a thick cut of steak and side dishes like the Homestyle Mashed Potatoes, Steakhouse Mac & Cheese, a Dressed Baked potato and Aussie Fries to name a few of the customer favorites on the menu. But we know that everyone's real favorite is the classic Bloomin' Onion—the chain sells more than 8 million of them every year!

The oversized onion has a diameter of 4.25” and weighs in at over a whopping one pound of fried deliciousness. The onion is cut into wedges and then battered and deep fried to a golden finish like an enormous onion ring. But rather than rings, each onion piece is in the shape of a petal, making it look like a flower in mid-bloom, hence the name.

Well Bloomin' Onion lovers, we have good news: This week you can get one for free at Outback. The restaurant just earned the top place in the 2023 American Customer Satisfaction Index and is running the free promotional deal on Bloomin' Onions for the rest of the week to celebrate.

The restaurant ranked high in overall satisfaction, food and beverage quality and menu variety.

“The ACSI Survey is a huge recognition in our industry,” says Brett Patterson, President of Outback Steakhouse. “It demonstrates our dedication to customer satisfaction, hospitality and menu innovation. It’s a big deal for us. And an even better deal for you.”

How To Get a Free Bloomin’ Onion This Week

The only catch? You will have to do a tiny bit of work to get your free Bloomin' Onion. The restaurant is asking people to post a congratulatory message on social media, tag the Outback Steakhouse account, and use the hashtag “#SoProudOfOutback.”

Once you've posted, head on over to your nearest participating Outback Steakhouse and show your post to a server to redeem a free Bloomin’ Onion with the purchase of one full-price adult entree any time November 13 through November 22.

Once you get your hands on this free delicacy, it’s up to you if you are willing to share with the other friends at the table.

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