P!NK wows fans as she flies across the stadium during her shows

P!NK flies above fans at her concerts <i>(Image: NQ - Chloe Wilson)</i>
P!NK flies above fans at her concerts (Image: NQ - Chloe Wilson)

Beautiful vocals, heart-warming speeches and incredible outfits are just some of the things the fans of P!NK enjoyed at the University of Bolton Stadium.

But what really shone throughout the concerts was the American singer’s ability to perform acrobatic choreography as she flew around the stadium up close and personal.

At the start of the first show of her Summer Carnival Tour, P!NK appeared at the top of the stage in between a pair of red lips before she then performed acrobatic stunts dropping down to the stage.

She again performed a choreographed dance again in the air with a member of her dance team during one of her songs, where she sang her music in many positions even once whilst she was upside down – not once affecting her vocals.

The Bolton News: P!NK flies across the stadium in Bolton
The Bolton News: P!NK flies across the stadium in Bolton

P!NK flies across the stadium in Bolton (Image: NQ - Chloe Wilson)

And the real showstopper of the night was when the 43-year-old came back on stage for her finale, dressed in a glittery and sequined jumpsuit and platform boots – taking to the sky attached to wires where she went from one side of the stadium to another.

During the performance, she reached heights whilst conducting front flips and hand stands and then dropping down into the crowd during the song ‘So What’.

Incorporating acrobatics into her performances is something P!NK has done before with crowds waiting to find out what she is set to do next.

After the two Bolton tour dates came to an end, P!NK took to her social media and shared her love for Bolton.

She said: “BOLTON!!!!! G-ddarn we have fun, don’t we? Tour kick off was INSANE.

“It feels so good to be back together. Thank you to the security guard who let himself cry with me during “when I get there”. I tried really hard not to.”

“There may have been 80,000 people plus us- but I felt like I was in a big family room spending time together laughing and crying and dancing.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My cheeks are tired from smiling. Until next time.”

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