Babar Azam stuns England with magnificent century in record stand to tie the series

Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan of Pakistan react after winning the 2nd IT20 between Pakistan and England  - Alex Davidson/Getty Images
Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan of Pakistan react after winning the 2nd IT20 between Pakistan and England - Alex Davidson/Getty Images

The opening match of this series failed to live up to the occasion but the second was a belter. A terrific, raucous atmosphere in the National Stadium must have echoed right across this megacity of 17 million souls as Pakistan chased down 200 without losing a wicket.

The sponsors pledged a thousand US dollars for every six to the country’s flood relief fund so there was an upside to the England bowlers’ pain as they were flogged to all parts on a night of high scoring fun that raised $18,000.

A one-legged whirling dervish, holding the Pakistan flag in one hand, his crutch in the other,  whipped up the crowd and the stadium DJ urged the fans to chant “Babar, Babar” as the Pakistan captain and Mohammad Rizwan set a new record for a run chase, smashing the previous biggest 10-wicket win by 31 runs.

Karachi lived up to its name as the City of Lights as thousands of fans turned on the torch on their phones and held them up to record the moment of Babar’s century, his second in T20 cricket for Pakistan as the world’s No1 and No2 ranked batsmen stunned England.

What should have been a tricky chase of 200 was done and dusted with three balls remaining as Babar carved a four through the covers and punched the air. Rizwan with 88 from 51 balls and Babar, 110 off 66, were an unstoppable force. They cop a bit of flak for their scoring rates, and rightly so sometimes, but really they are so far ahead of the rest that you can understand why sometimes they can be risk averse. If England had taken their chances it may have been a different story, because the middle order would have been under pressure of chasing a big total.

England picked a seam attack of three left-armers and they were battered for 122, Luke Wood going for 49 as he found his second England game much harder than his first. David Willey is conceding runs at more than 12 an over after two games and England lacked genuine pace to blow their way through when needed. They were too predictable.

Of the three spinners only Liam Dawson escaped any serious treatment, Adil Rashid lacked his usual control and Moeen Ali blamed himself for losing the game. He came on for one over, the 13th, and it cost 21. “It was a gamble that didn’t pay off,” he admitted.

Alex Hales dropped skier at mid off Rizwan on 23, Dawson was the bowler, with the score on 46 and Phil Salt missed a stumping from the first ball after the powerplay when Rizwan had 32. England’s next chance came when Babar was on 91 and Sam Curran tipped the ball over the rope for a six, but by then it was all over as a contest.

Alex Hales of England drops Mohammad Rizwan of Pakistan  - Alex Davidson/Getty Images
Alex Hales of England drops Mohammad Rizwan of Pakistan - Alex Davidson/Getty Images

England made an imposing total that was built on an opening stand of 42 between Salt and Hales, Ben Duckett’s inventive 43 from 22 balls, Harry Brook’s classy 31 off 19 and Moeen Ali’s 23-ball 55 which was the best of the lot. England chose to bat first, despite the data pointing to chasing, but they need to run through scenarios ahead of the World Cup having come undone in the semi-final last year when sent in and looking unsure how to set a target. This may not have helped.

A slow pitch, riddled with cracks, sped up under the lights but gave England’s openers little to work with. Hales was scratchy, Salt too. Hales top edged a six and struggled for timing in his 26 off 21 balls and his stumps lit up when Shahnawaz Dahani bowled him with a cutter.

Dahani ran off to the dressing room, pointing at the coach when the wicket fell and was haring off again a ball later when Dawid Malan was bowled around his legs.

Dahani’s celebrations lifted the roof but he was sheepish later when Khushdil Shah dropped a clanger at deep midwicket off Moeen. Dahani had already set off on his long sprint, finger raised before Babar gently broke the bad news, Moeen grinning and England stifling laughs.

pakistan vs england live score latest 2nd t20 karachi - AP Photo/Anjum Naveed
pakistan vs england live score latest 2nd t20 karachi - AP Photo/Anjum Naveed

After Dahani’s two wickets, Duckett restored England’s dominance with a gem of an innings through the middle overs; his dabs and sweeps perfectly executed. Moeen and Brook greased the innings with a stand of 59 off 27, treating pace and spin with equal ease and Englans plundered 87 off the last six overs.

England were wayward from the first over, bowled by Willey who conceded 12 runs from it. Dawson opened from the other end and kept it tight but the seamers could not exert any control for long enough. Babar muscled three sixes off Moeen’s over and it deflated England who never recovered. Rizwan brought up their fifth 150 opening stand together with a six off Rashid and a blizzard of fours took Babar to his hundred.

Pakistan vs England second T20: as it happened

06:52 PM

Pakistan 203/0

Pakistan win by 10 wickets. I don't think England could have batted much better but their bowling on a pitch that was easier to bat on once a hint of dew came was not good enough ... Yet, had Hales held on to that straightforward catch at mid-off and Salt competed a rudimentary stumping England may well have won.

06:50 PM

OVER 19.3 PAK 203/0 (Rizwan 88 Babar 110) chasing 200                 

Babar cover drives for four to win by 10 wickets with three balls to spare. What a magnificent partnership.

06:49 PM

OVER 19.2 PAK 199/0 (Rizwan 88 Babar 106) chasing 200                 

Rizwan walks down and taps a single to mid on.

06:48 PM

OVER 19.1 PAK 198/0 (Rizwan 87 Babar 106) chasing 200               

Willey's yorker is dug out by Babar for a single to point.

These two held the record for the record partnership in T20Is at 197. Now they've broken it.

06:46 PM

OVER 18.6 PAK 197/0 (Rizwan 87 Babar 105) chasing 200               

Another wide from Wood.

Rizwan pulls the last one for two to midwicket.

Three to win.

06:45 PM

OVER 18.5 PAK 194/0 (Rizwan 85 Babar 105) chasing 200             

Wide as Wood pushes the tramlines too far.

And he does the same again next attempt.

The legitimate delivery is tipped over the bar by Moeen leaping at cover and they run two.

06:43 PM

OVER 18.4 PAK 190/0 (Rizwan 83 Babar 105) chasing 200             

Rizwan lumps a straight drive for four over Wood's head.

06:42 PM

OVER 18.3: PAK 186/0 (Rizwan 79 Babar 105) chasing 200           

Babar drives a single to mid-off.

06:41 PM

OVER 18.2: PAK 185/0 (Rizwan 79 Babar 104) chasing 200           

Almost the perfect yorker but Babar not only chisels it out but diverts it between long on and deep midwicket for four.

06:41 PM

OVER 18.1: PAK 181/0 (Rizwan 79 Babar 100) chasing 200           

Wood comes back for his last and Rizwan flicks a sngle through mid-on

06:40 PM

OVER 18: PAK 180/0 (Rizwan 78 Babar 100) chasing 200         

Sam Curran starts with two dot balls, flirting with the wide line but staying inside as Babar swings and misses. The captain moves to 99 with a single to long-off who stops the second. Rizwan premeditates the sweep, hoicking a singled into the legside. Babar on 99, much to the crowd's delight, is back on strike. He dabs a single to point and brings up his second T20I century, the first Pakistan player to make two. Rizwan scuffs a slog sweep attempt through midwicket for a single to end the over and Curran's stint (4-0-29-0).

Pakistan need 20 off 12.

06:35 PM

OVER 17: PAK 176/0 (Rizwan 76 Babar 98) chasing 200         

Moeen turns back to Willey who starts with a full toss that Rizwan slaps to fine leg for a single. Babar on drives the next ball for another and Rizwan reaches over to the offside to divert the ball behind square on the onside with a premeditated sweep. They run two. Willey then serves up another full toss, straining for the yorker. Babar smashes it over midwicket. Curran gets a hand to it diving backwards but couldn't cling on without falling over the boundary and it was hit so hard it bursts through his fingers. That's his fifth six.

Pakistan require 24 off 18.

06:30 PM

OVER 16: PAK 164/0 (Rizwan 72 Babar 90) chasing 200       

Luke Wood returns and starts with a wide, just beyond the tram lines outside off. Babar cleaves a cut for four inches beyond point's dive but Wood follows that with a short ball, an effort delivery, that climbs and zips past Babar's swish. Babar jams out the yorker and runs two so hard that Rizwan has to massage his lower back (his own) on completion. Wood leaks four more off the final ball, Babar smacking a back of a length delivery through mid-on for four with a bat halfway between vertical and horizontal.

Pakistan need 36 off 24.

06:23 PM

OVER 15: PAK 151/0 (Rizwan 71 Babar 79) chasing 200       

Rizwan climbs into Rashid's first ball, slog sweeping it for six into the long pasture beyond cow corner. Babar winds up and misses an attempted pull but hoicks the next ball through midwicket and sprints to ensure he takes two and retains the strike to slog sweep six more to deep midwicket. That was the googly which was his undoing on Tuesday. What a difference two days make.

Pakistan need 49 off 30 or at 9.8 an over. Looks a cinch from here. These two lads are smoking.

06:20 PM

OVER 14: PAK 135/0 (Rizwan 64 Babar 70) chasing 200     

Sam Curran is given the responsibility of dragging it back England's way and he succeeds, to an extent, by conceding four singles and a two ... but then strays on to leg and middle and Babar skelps it round the corner for four.

Pakistan need 65 off 36. Must be considerable favourites now. But one wicket changes everything ...

06:16 PM

OVER 13: PAK 125/0 (Rizwan 60 Babar 64) chasing 200     

Moeen brings himself on and may wish he hadn't as they do unto him what he had done to them earlier. Babar tonks three sixes, the first off a drag down carted over midwicket, the second deposited over long on with a lofted drive and the hat-trick over deep backward square on the slog sweep that goes (as Roger Daltrey would say) for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles.

He would usually wait for a left-hander to bowl at but needs must and the captain took his punishment.

That's the game-changing over. Pakistan need 75 off 42 balls.

06:11 PM

OVER 12: PAK 104/0 (Rizwan 53 Babar 50) chasing 200   

Dawson returns, tossing it up in search of that elusive wicket that Hales and Salt let slip through their hands. Four singles come off the first five balls and he concludes his spell with one more, Babar working it off middle through midwicket to raise his fifty.

Nonetheless 4-0-26-0 and eliciting that dropped catch off Rizwan was a fine stint by Dawson.

06:08 PM

OVER 11: PAK 99/0 (Rizwan 51 Babar 47) chasing 200   

Rizwan brings up his fifty off 30 balls by walking across to fiddle two through square leg off Luke Wood. After playing tip and run to give Babar the strike, the Pakistan captain goes full pongo off the slower ball, lamping it over mid-on for six. These two are excellent runners – think Bairstow and Stokes – turning another midwicket flick into two to move the partnership to 99

06:01 PM

OVER 10: PAK 87/0 (Rizwan 48 Babar 38) chasing 200   

Excellent from Dawson in the last over before drinks, using flight and lack of it to mess with the two right-handers' timing. Darts are useful, too. They take four singles, leaving them needing 113 at 11.30 an over to win.

05:58 PM

OVER 9: PAK 83/0 (Rizwan 46 Babar 36) chasing 200 

Lovely from Babar, filleting the covers with a glorious cut off Rashid for four. Rizwan uses his feet to glean singles off the leg-spinner, Babar stays at home. They steal a single off the final ball, taking on mid-off's throw but his shy doesn't break the stumps ... or even reach their general vicinity.

05:54 PM

OVER 8: PAK 74/0 (Rizwan 44 Babar 29) chasing 200 

Fine running turns a midwicket flick into two, keeping them up with the rate. Break this partnership and England will feel confident of victory but they have wasted two golden chances to do so.

Good over by Curran, nonetheless, keeping them down to two singles and a two off the first five balls, using width and bowling it into the sticky pitch. Rizwan ends the over with a two after cuffing a pull down to fine leg.

05:51 PM

OVER 7: PAK 68/0 (Rizwan 41 Babar 26) chasing 200 

Time for Adil Rashid who should have cleaned up Rizwan first ball as he groped for the ball, missed it and fell over. Salt missed a routine stumping. Rizwan is beaten by a leg break but gets away off the fourth and fifth balls, sweeping both for four. Rashid seemed to have him on toast but his keeper couldn't back him up and England pay the price.

Alex Hales of England drops Mohammad Rizwan - Alex Davidson/Getty Images
Alex Hales of England drops Mohammad Rizwan - Alex Davidson/Getty Images

05:45 PM

OVER 6: PAK 59/0 (Rizwan 32 Babar 26) chasing 200

Hales drops Rizwan at mid-off. It was a steepler and he was running backwards but he should have held on. He had enough time to turn round and take it in front of his chest not with upraised hands. Poor Liam Dawson ... his next ball is clobbered for six over long on. Rizwan sweeps for a single. Dawson drags one down to Babar who pivots and pulls it for four.

05:42 PM

OVER 5: PAK 46/0 (Rizwan 23 Babar 22) chasing 200

Willey returns in the Powerplay and Rizwan plays the pick up shot to one that sits up at thigh-height on middle and leg. Rizwan whisks it over deep backward square for six. Willey opts for the yorker to stem the onslaught and Rizwan chisels it out for a single. Babar goes up and over point for four with a sliced drive to leave Willey's figures looking a little sorry: 2-0-26-0. But anyone who has the nerve and skill to bowl two Powerplay overs deserves respect and sympathy.

05:37 PM

OVER 4: PAK 32/0 (Rizwan 15 Babar 16) chasing 200

Luke Wood replaces Liam Dawson. Pace on ... and he drags a wide down the legside when he sees Babar advance and he tries to out-think him. The next ball is shorter and Babar plays a princely cut, scything it in front of point for four. The crowd shout: 'Babar! Babar!' Wood sticks to the angle and length, Babar swings and misses at one slanted across him and then fails to beat the infield from the following two deliveries. A tight single to mid-on concludes the over.

05:33 PM

OVER 3: PAK 25/0 (Rizwan 14 Babar 11) chasing 200

Curran replaces Willey and he goes for a wider line outside off-stump with none of the inswing Willey found. Rizwan throws his hands at the first to steer it down to third man for a single but Babar can't add to his score for a couple of balls. After two dots he hustles four wide of mid-on, beating his dive. Good comeback from Curran, though, who hurls the ball at the stumps when Babar stabs his drive into the pitch. Curran ends the over with a slow ball that Babar picked and dumped back over the bowler's head for four.

05:29 PM

OVER 2: PAK 16/0 (Rizwan 13 Babar 3) chasing 200

Dawson shows his guile with a very tight line, changing trajectory to keep them down to three singles off the first five balls, using the dart judiciously. The final ball is quick, flat and arrowed into Rizwan's front pad. The wicket-keeper batsman can only tip it to midwicket for a paltry single.

05:25 PM

OVER 1: PAK 12/0 (Rizwan 11 Babar 1) chasing 200

Rizwan takes strike against David Willey, whisking the first off middle and leg with the swing through square leg for four. Willey pushes the next one wider and the right-hander throws his hands at a drive and fillets it through backward point with a break of the wrists. Rizwan puts the crowd in good voice with a second our, lanced past mid-on with sweet timing. A pair of singles conclude Willey's costly over. It was only when Rashid came on for the seventh over in the first match that England managed to apply any control. But PSL veteran Liam Dawson will share today's new ball.

05:12 PM

Change of innings

Very much back to their nerveless, swashbuckling best in the middle order after Hales and Salt got them off to a flyer albeit streakily. Fantastic knocks from Duckett, Brook and Moeen have silenced the crowd ... as did Pakistan's terrible fielding. Abdul Majeed, the fielding coach, and Saqlain Mushtaq, the head coach, must be having kittens.

05:10 PM

OVER 20: ENG 199/5 (Moeen 55 Curran 10)               

Moeen takes a pair of twos, one thumped down the ground the second dragged into the legside off a no-ball. Moeen can only glean a single off the free hit, squeezing a drive down to the point boundary rider. Curran has a swish and misses, then whisks a single off his pads. Moeen has two balls left and he inflicts maximum pain on Hasnain by smashing the fifth ball over deep midwicket for six and the sixth over deep backward square for another.

Moeen's 23-ball 55 is England's second fastest T20 half-century.

05:06 PM

OVER 19: ENG 180/5 (Moeen 38 Curran 9)               

Sam Curran comes to the ramping party, scooping the first ball of Rauf's over down to fine leg for four. He blocks the next one short of the offside infield and strolls an easy single.

Moeen has a swing and a miss at a slow-ball cutter then slaps a single through cover. Rauf shows his smarts by following Curran as he backed away and he can't reach it with his attempted scoop but another misfield at deep backward point turns a single into two. The crowd is absolutely deflated by what they've seen from the home side.

Now Mark Butcher tells us for his paymasters that 'life is too short for sensitive teeth'. How can we get a lump of that toothpaste dollar?

05:00 PM

OVER 18: ENG 172/5 (Moeen 37 Curran 2)             

Oh dear. Khushdil Shah drops a dolly at deep  midwicket after Moeen slaps a pull that gave it more vertical than horizontal distance. Moeen adds injury to insult with a pair of fours, one of them that should have been stopped at long on, the other collared round the corner, square of short fine leg. Pakistan's fielding has been dreadful.

04:57 PM

OVER 17: ENG 160/5 (Moeen 27 Curran 0)             

Brook misses out on his pick up shot attempt but connects when the next ball is banged in and he swivels into a hook, smiting it for his third Dorothy Dix. But there will be no more as he goes for his fourth and is diddled by the slower ball. Raif may have given him the send off there, too, as he pumped his fist.

04:55 PM


Brook b Rauf 31  Bit too much chutzpah. Went for the ramp and was done by the slower ball, getting through the shot toon soon and ending up groping for the ball as it shot past and into off stump.  FOW 160/5

04:51 PM

OVER 16: ENG 151/4 (Brook 24 Moeen 25)           

That's the end of the two spinners' quotas. Back comes Hasnain and he drifts on to Brook's leg stump. The Yorkshireman's eyes light up and he leg glances fine for four as if it came gift-wrapped. Brook taps a single, giving his captain the strike and Moeen square drives for two then climbs into a pull, swatting it past the man on the rope for four at deep backward square. After Moeen eases a single through mid on, Brook picks Hasnain's slower ball and launches it over long off for six. That's the fifty partnership off 23 balls!

Morgan may not be here but his approach lives on. England have kept swinging throughout. It was streaky at the start but Duckett, Brook and Moeen have been magnificent.

04:45 PM

OVER 15: ENG 133/4 (Brook 13 Moeen 18)           

Uzzie Qadir returns with a wide and then a googly but pitched too wide which allows Moeen to follow the turn away from him and cream it through extra for for four. The leg-break follows and beats Moeen ... and the stumps. Having exchanged a pair of singles, Moeen drops to one knee and slog sweeps a six 94m over cow corner. And for his encore? He does it again. He shook a double six.

04:42 PM

OVER 14: ENG 114/4 (Brook 12 Moeen 1)         

Brook pulls Dahani hard and flat for two through midwicket and then high and handsome for six over deep backward square. He rotates the strike with a clipped cut down to third. Wasim Akram thinks 160 is defensible given a pitch that has run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible.

04:36 PM

Not out

It hit him on the derrière.

04:36 PM

Pakistan review

Brook c Rizwan b Dahani  Legside strangle?

04:35 PM

OVER 13: ENG 103/4 (Brook 3 Moeen 1)         

The loss of Duckett means both England's batsmen are green to the middle and they take a bit of time to get going. Moeen looked in rotten nick on Tuesday. let's see how he is today. The captain gets off the mark with a legside flick, Brook pushes one down the ground.

04:33 PM


Duckett b Nawaz 43  His first misjudgment but we have to praise the bowler for finally taking the pace off and floating down a left-arm spinner. Duckett, who had flipped the previous ball over his shoulder for four, tries again but gets too far across, misses and loses his leg  stump.  FOW 101/4

04:29 PM

OVER 12: ENG 96/3 (Duckett 39 Brook 1)       

After the milking of the spinners, Babar turns back to Rauf who makes the breakthrough as Salt tries to accelerate, bamboozled by the one-two punch of slower ball and full pace on. Wickets are the best brake. Brook gets off the mark off his third delivery, playing a tootin' Rootin' dab down to third man, harnessing Rauf's speed.

04:25 PM


Salt b Rauf 28  Tries to cart a shorter ball over midwicket but is beaten for pace and the ball careers into the top of middle and leg. FOW 95/3

04:25 PM

OVER 11: ENG 93/2 (Salt 28 Duckett 39)       

Salt works a single off his pads through midwicket, Duckett square cuts for two then shows us his hand and wrist speed with a perfectly placed sweep off a googly for four. The next ball is pushed wider outside off stump, the leg break turning in to the left-hander but Duckett still nails it, sweeping it between midwicket and mid-on for four more. Tip and run to mid-on earns him the single that brings up the fifty partnership off 33 balls.

Ben Duckett - Alex Davidson/Getty Images
Ben Duckett - Alex Davidson/Getty Images

04:17 PM

OVER 10: ENG 80/2 (Salt 26 Duckett 28)     

Brilliantly dexterous from Duckett to sweep Nawaz in front of square for four, followed by a scoop over his shoulder for two before ending the over with a thumping reverse sweep for four more.  He has made 28 off 16 wit four fours.

Time for drinks.


Dawid Malan of England is bowled by Shahnawaz Dahani of Pakistan during the 2nd IT20 between Pakistan and England at Karachi National Stadium on September 22, 2022 in Karachi, Pakistan - Alex Davidson/Getty Images
Dawid Malan of England is bowled by Shahnawaz Dahani of Pakistan during the 2nd IT20 between Pakistan and England at Karachi National Stadium on September 22, 2022 in Karachi, Pakistan - Alex Davidson/Getty Images


Shahnawaz Dahani of Pakistan points to the media centre as he celebrates dismissing Dawid Malan - Alex Davidson/Getty Images
Shahnawaz Dahani of Pakistan points to the media centre as he celebrates dismissing Dawid Malan - Alex Davidson/Getty Images

04:12 PM

OVER 9: ENG 66/2 (Salt 25 Duckett 15)     

England try to accelerate but the boundaries are big. Plenty of twos out there. Not many sixes. Salt has a bog hoick at Qadir, misses and Rizwan and the bowler appeal for a catch. They don't review, though. And wisely so. Salt bunts a single down the ground, Duckett sweeps for two and reverses the shot for a single. Salt is beaten by one that skids on wide at the end of the over. It's a horrible pitch to bat on ... dead, sticky, low.

Salt is drenched in sweat and calls for a towel.

04:08 PM

OVER 8: ENG 62/2 (Salt 24 Duckett 12)   

Spin at both ends as Babar throws the ball back to Nawaz. Duckett sweeps for a single and ends the over with a ramp over his right shoulder for four. Before that Salt freed his arms to slug a drive to the cover sweeper for a single and then deftly reverse swept for two.

04:05 PM

OVER 7: ENG 53/2 (Salt 20 Duckett 7)   

Usman Qadir comes on at the end of the Powerplay. Salt drives a leg-spinner to cover for two and cuts for a single. Duckett works a single round the corner and Salt drags a single through midwicket off a short one that he didn't middle.

Nick Hoult is back in his Karachi eyrie:

Back on the roof and just been divebombed by a green bug the size of a zeppelin – you don't get that at Wantage Road.

England's Alex Hales is bowled by Pakistan's Shahnawaz Dahani during the second T20 cricket match between Pakistan and England, in Karachi, Pakistan - AP Photo/Anjum Naveed
England's Alex Hales is bowled by Pakistan's Shahnawaz Dahani during the second T20 cricket match between Pakistan and England, in Karachi, Pakistan - AP Photo/Anjum Naveed

04:01 PM

OVER 6: ENG 48/2 (Salt 16 Duckett 6)   

What a turnaround. Two wickets in two balls for Dahani and Duckett facing the hat-trick ball. He goes full and fast but Duckett defends stoutly.

Duckett shovels two through midwicket to get off the mark. Good wheels from Dahani, a solid 88mph until he tries the slower ball. Duckett reads it and waits, then taps a pull behind square for four, more a gentle slap than a full-blooded airscrew whirl.

03:56 PM


Malan b Dahani 0  Gone first ball, bowled round his legs as he walked across and went for the flick.  FOW 42/2

03:53 PM


Hales b Dahani 26  Dahani, as usual, celebrates as if winning the World Cup. Hales was trying to slog a straight one over midwicket with a cross-bat wind-up, missed and heard the death rattle of off and middle being struck.  FOW 42/1 

03:52 PM

OVER 5: ENG 42/0 (Salt 16 Hales 26) 

Another bowling change brings Haris Rauf on in the Powerplay. Salt pulls the first, almost splicing it but it still goes for four, just trickling away from Iftikhar's dive. Salt then works a 93mph ball off his ankles for a single. Hales backs away from Rauf's shorter one and thick edges it high over gully for a one-bounce four. Seat of the pants stuff. Effective but ugly.

03:49 PM

OVER 4: ENG 32/0 (Salt 11 Hales 21) 

Dahani replaces Nawaz. England take him for a pair of singles into the offside with pushes, Hales is clonked in the box via the inside edge then throws his bat at a drive outside off and nicks it through vacant second slip for four. It may be a calculated assault but there's nothing controlled about it. England end the over as they started with a pair of singles, taking on mid-on's arm after Hales's straight drive hit the non-striker's stumps.

Alex Hales - Alex Davidson/Getty Images
Alex Hales - Alex Davidson/Getty Images

03:42 PM

OVER 3: ENG 24/0 (Salt 9 Hales 15)

Hasnain goes full, wide and fast, racking up three valuable dot balls to start the over as he does teh right-hander for pace. Hales, though, adapts by using his feet, walking across to whip four down to long leg – he would have been plumb had he missed – then backing away to slash six over the slips with a big yahoo through the line.

03:39 PM

OVER 2: ENG 13/0 (Salt 9 Hales 4)

Salt strides down to the first one and takes on long off with a lofted drive. He only just cleared the leaping fielder but clear him he did. Six! Cover cuts off a pokey drive but Salt rotates the strike with a clip down the ground. Hales takes on mid on but doesn't get hold of it , clothing it just beyond the fielder for two. Mid-on is targeted again by Hales with a flicky drive that he chips 3ft short of his dive. They run a single but it's a risky business.

David Gower is engaging in some contractually obliged commentorial, talking up the qualities of Sensodyne.

03:35 PM

OVER 1: ENG 3/0 (Salt 2 Hales 1)

Mohammad Hasnain sprints in. Packed house again at the National Stadium. Salt on strike with a slip and a short fine leg who is called into action, first ball, when Hasnain drifts on to Salt's pads and the opener cuffs it round the corner. Fine leg stops the boundary but they run one.

Hasnain reaches 90mph with his second ball and swings it away as Hales swishes at thin air. He gets off the mark next ball with a dab down to third. The breeze is helping the swing. Salt slashes at a wide one and thick edges a single down to deep third man but that's the sum of the damage off the over as Hasnain keeps bowling fast and full, foiling Hales' attempts to pierce the infield.

Mohammad Nawaz will also open the bowling with his slow left-arm, as he did in the first match.

03:28 PM

Winning scores batting first in Karachi

Have been:

203 for five.

205 for three.

200 for six.

172 for eight.

So 200 looks about par.

Anyway, here come the openers. Hasnain will open the bowling.

03:23 PM

The view from above

Nick Hoult reports from the National Stadium

Spidercam is back. The problem with the cables and landing the police helicopter in case of an emergency has been solved - waiting to hear exactly how. Perhaps the chopper is smaller, or they can whip the cables down quicker.

03:15 PM

Moeen on why he's batting first

Wicket (sic*) doesn't look as fresh, there's a lot more cracks and we've got three spinners as well.

* In the words of Richie Benaud, "it's a pitch, Moeen".

03:13 PM

One change for Pakistan

Mohammad Hasnain replaces Naseem Shah:

Pakistan Babar Azam (capt), Mohammad Rizwan,  Haider Ali,  Shan Masood,  Iftikhar Ahmed,  Khushdil Shah, Mohammad Nawaz,  Shahnawaz Dahani, Mohammad Hasnain, Haris Rauf, Usman Qadir.

03:06 PM

The teams

England Alex Hales, Phil Salt (wk), Dawid Malan, Ben Duckett, Harry Brook, Moeen Ali (capt), Sam Curran, David Willey, Liam Dawson, Adil Rashid, Luke Wood.

03:05 PM

One change for England

Liam Dawson replaces Richard Gleeson.

03:03 PM

England have won the toss

And will bat first.

02:44 PM

In other news

Surrey have won the County Championship, beating Yorkshire by 10 wickets. Just in time for a new Prince of Wales, the club's landlord and reason for their three feathers. And who won the Championship in the year the last Prince of Wales was born, 1948? Glammie! And in the year he was made  Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester by letters patent, 1958? Surrey. Shome coinshidenshe, as Bill Deedes, late of this parish, might say.

02:14 PM

Good afternoon

And welcome to live coverage of the second Twenty20 of seven and the second of four in Karachi during the white-ball segment of England's first tour to Pakistan for 17 years. Although it took them 116 balls to chase down Pakistan's rather modest score on Tuesday, victory, at least following Adil Rashid's dismissal of Babar Azam, never looked in significant doubt ... and the thoroughbred Harry Brook duly led them home.

All the criticism for the Pakistan captain before the game looked misplaced: their problem isn't his strike rate at the top of the order, it's the middle order's inability to slog spin or even read Rashid. While they were giving the impression of walking across a glue trap after the Powerplay, England's quickest bowler, Luke Wood, knocked them over.

Richard Gleeson struggled with a back problem in the first match and is likely to make way today which will give England the opportunity to assess either how Olly Stone's rehabilitation is going or give a debut to Tom Helm. Both can replicate Gleeson's pace which, given the sterility of the pitch, will be necessary should they decide not to try Liam Dawson as the third spinner given Pakistan's travails against Moeen and Rashid. Jos Buttler, Mark Wood, Chris Woakes and Reece Topley may not feature until the three Lahore games ... if at all.

There is some talk of rotation in the batting, too, with Will Jacks or Jordan Cox potentially coming in for Ben Duckett who did well on his recall with a 17-ball 21 but may be fated to play only two or three times on tour because England want to give equal opportunities to each of their three middle-order prospects not in the World T20 squad.

As for Pakistan, I'd like to see Aamer Jamal make his debut - he is one batsman who can consistently score at a strike rate above 150 while Mohammad Hasnain, their third 90mph man, should come in for Naseem Shah who seemed to have a very muddled approach in the first T20, ignoring his blistering natural assets for some Dernbachian obsession with artlessly disguised slower balls.