Pamela Anderson's makeup-free face is a masterclass in natural beauty

pamela anderson no makeup
Pamela Anderson's skin without makeup is so freshMarc Piasecki

Fashion has long claimed to love a bare face, but when the faces on the runway have spent 30 minutes in makeup to look that way, ‘bare’ can be a sliding scale. Thank goodness, then, for Pamela Anderson, who showed up at Paris Fashion Week looking freshly scrubbed and joyfully makeup-free, sparking a flurry of virtual fist pumps in the process - including a post on Instagram from actor Jamie Lee Curtis, who cast her bare face as the beginning of a ‘natural beauty revolution’.

Because here’s the thing: Pamela does look natural. She has some lines, and she has sun damage, but her skin glows and her smile is glorious, and in the context of Fashion Week (where cameras, bright lights and opinions are everything) that feels revolutionary. Altogether, it’s a new kind of beautiful than the one we’re often shown, and Red is here for it.

pamela anderson no makeup
Pamela Anderson at Paris Fashion WeekGetty Images

But if natural doesn’t mean perfect, neither does it always mean low maintenance. Where Pamela takes a low-key approach to her beauty routine, nourishing her skin with gentle brands such as Weleda, Dr Hauschka and the makeup/skincare hybrid line Ilia, Gwyneth Paltrow (who frequently goes makeup-free on Instagram, and was snapped at the weekend lunching in LA wearing not a scrap of colour on her skin) is devoted to facial massage, exfoliating acids and at-home laser devices to keep her complexion looking fresh.

And however much we love to see women showing up in whichever way they please, what we love even more is that the conversation hasn’t really turned to whether Gwyneth and Pamela look good for their age or not. They look happy, their skin glows, and they just… look great.

Feeling inspired? Here are some of the skincare buys Red turns to, to keep skin looking fresh, plump and gleaming. Because whether we wear makeup or not, we’ll still be washing our faces at the end of the day...

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