Papers: 'Football prays for Fabrice'

Papers: Muamba shock


We round up the headlines from all the big papers and some choice words from the top football writers after the dramatic turn of events.


Sun on Sunday: Muamba collapse: When football no longer matters

Rob Beasley: We witnessed the worst of scenes at White Hart Lane last night. And we experienced the best of responses. As the stricken Fabrice Muamba lay on the Tottenham turf fighting for his life, the world of football united. Medics and physios from both clubs sprinted to his aid. Players and staff stood together - stunned, shaken, shocked.


Daily Star Sunday: Horror. Football prays for Fabrice

Harry Pratt: Forget about football. Forget about Wembley. And forget about FA Cup finals. Sometimes life is a whole lot more important than the final result of an insignificant game. Certainly that was the case here at Tottenham yesterday amid truly devastating and disturbing scenes at White Hart Lane.


Mail on Sunday: Football in shock

Leo Spall: World Cup referee Howard Webb abandoned Tottenham's FA Cup quarter-final against Bolton, saying the players 'could not go on' after Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch with a suspected heart attack. White Hart Lane was stunned into an eerie silence as players, club officials and fans feared for the midfielder's life. Muamba fell to the ground on his own near the centre circle when the game was 41 minutes old and players soon had tears in their eyes as the severity of the situation quickly became clear.


The Guardian: Fabrice Muamba the refugee who has made football his home

Daniel Taylor: There is something deeply chilling when a young, apparently fit, professional footballer can suddenly be face down on the turf and it is very apparent, just from the speed at which people are moving around him, the urgency of their body language and the way the other players are reacting, crying, praying, barely able to watch, that this is absolutely terrible.


The Telegraph: Muamba: a true battler who escaped civil war

Jonathan Liew: From the incredible weight of tributes and messages of hope being relayed through cyberspace and on the airwaves on Saturday night as Fabrice Muamba battled for his life in a north London hospital, one dominant theme shone through. The man is a fighter. And has been, ever since he was a child.


The Independent: Muamba collapse leaves rivals chanting his name

Steve Tongue: By seven o'clock last night, as Tottenham's FA Cup quarter-final against Bolton Wanderers should have been building to a climax, White Hart Lane was eerily silent and fearing the worst. There was serious concern for the life of Fabrice Muamba, the 23-year-old Bolton midfielder who collapsed three minutes before half-time.


Sunday Express: Muamba horror. Praying he will live

James Fielding and Roddy Ashworth: The world of football was in shock last night after Premier League star Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch during an FA Cup match. He was fighting for his life after suffering a serious cardiac problem during the game. 

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