Paralympic weekend action: Fans have their say

What the fans are saying on Twitter about the spectacular action over the weekend at the Paralympics in London.

British Paralympians on course to smash medal target

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Gold medal paralympics

On the general atmosphere of the Paralympics in London:

@racheldixon wow that was a super sunday at the Paralympics, althletics, swimming, rowing, dressage amazing

@jas0n360 Channel 4 are now using their full daytime schedule for Paralympics coverage? Shouldn't it have been like that from the start.

@5taceface It's mad how #teamgb went into only the 4th day of the Paralympics with 36 medals and they had went up to 54 by the end of the night

@natsh0429 Sat in the Olympic Stadium! Wow the atmosphere is amazing, shot put final up first @London2012 #paralympics

On the success of British swimmer Ellie Simmonds:

@AshleyBaker47 Ellie Simmonds is an amazing swimmer, another world record and she's still so young #paralympics

@alexoultonx Why am I crying at the swimming on the paralympics, I get into it too much honestly #GOELLIE

@ChloeLowen Ellie Simmonds is absolutely amazing! #paralympics #london2012

@MegMunnMP Just seen Ellie Simmonds break the 200m medley world record - in her final length she destroyed the field - phenomenal #Paralympics

On the excitement at Eton Dorney rowing lake:

‏@erica201202 Paralympics 2012: Famous five earn gold medals in mixed rowing event after making light of damp conditions

@kat_e_smith My cousin :D RT @mattyshens: Congratulations to the Mixed Coxed Four Paralympic rowing team and their coach,Mary McLachlan, on winning Gold!

@TimDellor Can't sleep. Head spinning like a washing machine with paralympic rowing drama. Think this summer of sport has finally done for me.

@DavidHohnke Just heard commentator claim Men's Rowing 4 'hit the lead & never looked back'. Hmm, in that event that's all you do

@LaurennHarrison @London2012 got #mandeville's song stuck in my head from being at the rowing today #teamGB #paralympics

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