Parents have started naming their babies after luxury brands and this surprising choice makes the top 10

 Baby girl carrying designer shopping bags.
Baby girl carrying designer shopping bags.

The Top 10 luxury brand baby names that parents are choosing to call their kids has everything from fashion designers to cars - but do you have a favourite on the list?

Baby names go in and out of fashion, but recent data has revealed that some monikers have become fashion when browsing the most popular baby names

Old fashioned baby names and royal baby names are becoming so last season as more unusual baby names are stepping into the mainstream with a parents being inspired by their favourite fashion retailers.

Data analysed by luxury childrenswear brand, La Coqueta Kids has revealed that parents are naming their children after their favourite luxury brands.

The childrenswear brand pulled official baby name data from and compared it against a list of the top 50 luxury brands to find which names appeared the most.

And some of the rankings might surprise you...

Top 10 luxury brand baby names

Girls names

  1. Stella (148)

  2. Celine (104)

  3. Tiffany (62)

  4. Dior (16)

  5. Armani (16)

  6. Dolce (10)

  7. Mercedes (10)

  8. Saint (4)

  9. Cartier (3)

Dior store
Dior store

Boys names

  1. Alexander (1830)

  2. Louis (1240)

  3. Ralph, Ralphie, Ralphy & Ralphi (932)

  4. Yves, Saint & Laurent (72)

  5. Valentino (57)

  6. Bentley (56)

  7. Giorgio (30)

  8. Dior (22)

  9. Armani (15)

  10. Salvatore (6)

Giorgio Armani store
Giorgio Armani store

Stella, influenced by the brand Stella McCartney, took the top spot as the most popular luxury brand-inspired name for baby girls, whilst Alexander took the top spot for baby boys - influenced by the luxury label and designer, Alexander McQueen.

For the most part, it appears that fashion brands are paving the way for luxury baby names, however, the data found that luxury motoring companies are also becoming a source of inspiration, with the likes of ‘Mercedes’ and ‘Bentley’ making it into the Top 10.

Celia Muñoz, Founder and Creative Director at La Coqueta said, “Baby names are a very personal choice and so taking inspiration from the things you love actually makes a lot of sense - even if it is fashion or cars! It is interesting that names are being inspired by fashion when fashion is often the one inspired by other sources.”

“This data seems to show that many parents are moving away from more traditional names and opting for more unique and stand-out names,” she added.

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