Paris Olympics to cost taxpayers between three and five billion euros, French auditor says


The Paris Olympics are expected to cost the state between three and five billion euros, the French court of auditors said Tuesday as new figures revealed the country's widening debt levels.

"We still don't know the cost of the Olympics," Pierre Moscovici, the head of the French Cour des Comptes, told France Inter radio on Tuesday.

"[But] These games will cost between three, four or five billion euros," he said.

Moscovici had estimated in January last year that the ultimate cost to taxpayers would be "around three billion euros", which represented an increase from government budget estimates at the time of 2.44 billion euros.

The bill for every Olympics often grows in the latter stages of preparations as unbudgeted costs appear or extra funds are needed to accelerate unfinished building work.

Public sector bonuses

Under the threat of strikes, the French government is currently negotiating one-off bonuses for public sector staff who will work during the Games, with pay-offs to the police alone set to cost up to 500 million euros.

The overall cost for the Paris Games, including private and public money, was most recently estimated at around nine billion euros, up from a budgeted 6.6 billion euros when the city was selected in 2017.

Games over budget

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