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(ES Composite)

We have carried out essential upgrade work to our commenting platform.

As well as a far superior commenting experience, our new platform also has a host of other commenting features that we hope will enable our readers to lead the conversation.

As well as commenting below articles, readers will also be able to:

  • Reply to comments and create separate threads

  • Be notified when someone has replied to your comment as it happens

  • Follow your favourite authors and see their comments

  • See your followers, likes, and comments all in one place

  • Personalised email notifications to stay up-to-date on the conversation

We will be rolling out more commenting features over the upcoming weeks so keep an eye out in the comments section.

We have also improved comment moderation, which will now be 24/7 to ensure our readers a better and safer environment to share their views. As always, we ask all commenters to respect each other and create constructive debates. You can read our community guidelines here.

We always welcome feedback so if you have any comments on our new platform, or need additional help using it, please contact our Customer Support team on 020 3367 7000 or by emailing