My party of 2 spent $64 at Disney World's Mediterranean-inspired restaurant Spice Road Table, and it was worth it

Author posing in front of Spice Road Table, tapa from Spice Road Table.
The tapas-style, Mediterranean-inspired restaurant had one of the most peaceful atmospheres in Epcot.Casey Clark
  • My party of two spent $64 at Spice Road Table in Epcot and thoroughly enjoyed the meal.

  • We shared five small plates, and my favorite was the tiropitakia, a cheese-filled pastry.

  • The restaurant's Moroccan-inspired decor and ambiance added to the overall experience of our meal.

Spice Road Table is a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant in the Moroccan Pavilion at Epcot.

Outside dining area of Spice Road Table.
The tables outside looked lovely, but we decided to eat indoors due to the weather.Casey Clark

Despite working at Epcot during my Disney College Program, I never had a chance to eat at Spice Road Table. I've heard rave reviews from friends and past coworkers, so I decided it was time to take a trip to the Mediterranean-inspired restaurant in the Moroccan Pavilion.

I walked in through the decorative arch and went up to the host. Spice Road Table doesn't currently take reservations, but it accepts walk-ins.

I was prompted to scan my phone on the QR code and enter my party's information. After about 10 minutes, we were seated.

In a perfect world, I would've loved to eat outside with a view of the World Showcase Lagoon, but it was pouring rain, so we opted for an indoor table.

I was instantly immersed in picturesque Moroccan-inspired architecture.

Rows of spices and artwork on the walls of Spice Road Table.
There was vibrant decor on the walls throughout the restaurant.Casey Clark

As with most restaurants at Disney World, the theming was exquisite. There were vibrant tapestries, rounded arches, intricate engravings, and Moroccan-inspired trinkets on the walls.

The mix of tables and booths in the indoor dining area were spread out to the point where it felt like I was dining in private, especially in our booth. It's definitely not a feeling you get a lot in Disney World.

The best part of the restaurant was how peaceful it felt. There weren't characters shuffling around, kids screaming, or parents yelling when I was there. Instead, people seemed relaxed and enjoyed the atmosphere.

My server was extremely attentive and answered all of my questions.

Inside dining area of Spice Road Table.
We dined in a booth, which made our meal feel private.Casey Clark

Our server was extremely personable and friendly. He went over the menu with us and made sure we didn't have any questions.

Since I've never had Mediterranean food before, it was nice to know he wouldn't be annoyed if I asked him what tzatziki or grape leaves were.

Our drinks came promptly, and he took our order within the first 10 minutes of being seated.

The quality of the food made me forget I was in a theme park.

Five tapas from Spice Road Table.
We ordered five tapas to mix and share with one another.Casey Clark

Spice Road Table is a tapas-style restaurant, meaning there are 10 small plates to choose from.

After reading through the menu, we decided to order five plates to share: house-made hummus fries ($10), tiropitakia ($9),  pomegranate-chili crispy cauliflower ($11), naan spreads ($11), and spiced chicken ($11).

The waiter brought all the dishes together so we could pick and choose what we wanted. That lent itself well to mixing and matching flavors to really experience what the Mediterranean-inspired cuisine had to offer.

Out of the five dishes, the tiropitakia was my favorite.

Tiropitakia from Spice Road Table.
The tiropitakia was filled with warm cheese and topped with greens.Casey Clark

My favorite dish was the tiropitakia, a layered phyllo pastry filled with cheese.

It was so rich, gooey, and flavorful — it tasted similar to a mini grilled cheese.

A close runner-up was the cauliflower. It was crispy, soft, and just the right combination of sweet and spicy.


The house-made hummus fries were also delicious.

House-made hummus fries at Spice Road Table.
The house-made hummus fries were perfect for hummas-lovers.Casey Clark

The other three small plates, the house-made hummus fries, naan spreads, and spiced chicken, were all pretty good, too.

For hummus enthusiasts like myself, the fries were delicious — perfectly crispy and great for sharing.

If you're not an adventurous eater, I'd suggest the naan spreads because it's essentially a variation of pita bread and hummus.

We were so full we didn't order special drinks or desserts.

View of bar at Spice Road Table
I didn't order any alcohol, but I noticed the variety of selections on the drink menu.Casey Clark

Since I don't drink alcohol, I can't particularly comment on that menu. But in general, there's a selection of beer, cider, wine, and sangria in addition to nonalcoholic beverages.

Looking back, I wish I ordered dessert, but by this point, I was absolutely stuffed (in the best way possible).

I was nervous to try the new-to-me cuisine, but I'm so glad we went to Spice Road Table.

Author standing in doorway of Spice Road Table.
I'm glad I had such a great experience for my first time trying Mediterranean food.Casey Clark

As someone who isn't an adventurous eater, I was a bit nervous to try Spice Road Table, but I'm so glad I did. The ambiance was wonderful and interesting to look at, and the food was spectacular.

Our five small plates plus tax and tip came out to $64. For Disney, I think the prices were reasonable, especially considering the quality of the food. If you're willing to spend $5 on a Mickey ice-cream bar, $10 for flavorful cuisine is well worth the cost.

I'm definitely adding Spice Road Table to my list, and I can't wait to come back in the future.

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