Parvez Rasool Accuses JKCA Of Victimzing Him Over Allegations Of Stealing Pitch Roller; Appeals To BCCI For Intervention

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Parvez Rasool
Parvez Rasool

Indian cricketer Parvez Rasool vs Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association’s (JKCA) matter has taken a new toll. Now, the 32-year-old cricketer has accused JKCA of victimizing him and urged for BCCI intervention. JKCA had accused Parvez Rasool of stealing a pitch roller and threatened with police action if he fails to return it.

Now, Rasool, the first cricketer from Jammu and Kashmir to play for India’s national team, has been accused JKCA of trying to threaten him with mails. He also said that JKCA’s intention over the matter looks different now. The matter started when JKCA issued a letter to Parvez Rasool asking him to return their machinery or he may face police action.

India cricket Team
Parvez Rasool[photo: Twitter]

JKCA’s Intention Looks Different, Says Parvez Rasool

While speaking to The Indian Express over the matter, Parvez Rasool said that JKCA’s intentions over the matter look different now. He also talked about an earlier tweet in which a JKCA official wrote that Rasool should be given a rope from which he could be hanged.

“They said police action will be taken. Then in the mail, they said, do we have enough proof to nail him down. Does that mean you have come here to nail me down? Their intention looks different”, he said.”

“The official deleted it but I have the screenshot of it. Can anyone tell me what wrong I have done that I need to be hanged? If you have any doubts, they have my phone number, they can call me. It took mere seconds to clarify but it seems they wanted to victimize me,” the national cricketer further said.

Parvez Rasool
Parvez Rasool (Image Credit: Twitter)

In their defence, JKCA had said that they issued the letter to the cricketer because his name was registered in their record books for his district and they do not have the e-mail addresses of all the districts. However, Rasool questioned why they sent him a second notice instead of the first.

“They said that it’s (name) in their record book, if it was there in the record book then why was I not sent first notice, instead I was sent second notice. It means it was an afterthought.

“There must be a receipt with them? If you feel someone is not using it properly, then, you write to them and not to a cricketer who has nothing to do with this,” the off-spinner further added.

Parvez Rasool In IPL
Parvez Rasool In IPL (Image Credit: Twitter)

JKCA Now Forcing Me To Think About My Future: Says Parvez Rasool

Parvez Rasool also said that such behaviour of the association towards him is forcing him to think about his future with Jammu and Kashmir cricket.

“I have played cricket with passion and hard work. They are now forcing me to think about my future. I have come here to play cricket and not to do all this. Playing in this environment looks very tough now. If they have done this to me, imagine what they can do with smaller players” the right-handed batsman said.

The all-rounder also said that he wants BCCI intervention over the matter as he only wants to promote cricket in the state. With one T20I and ODI for India, Parvez Rasool is the only cricketer to represent the country at the international level. He made his ODI debut against Bangladesh in 2014 and his T20I debut against England in 2017. He has also led the Jammu and Kashmir team in domestic tournaments in the past.

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