These 17 Enraging Photos Just Pushed Me Over the Edge — My Patience Has Officially Run Out

It's raining today, which gives me a great excuse to be grumpy. These 17 photos from this week on r/mildlyinfuriating really fueled my inner fire:

1."I ordered a framed photo of my girlfriend for her birthday today, and just gave it to her to open. This is not a picture of us."

A photo of two men

2."My 10-year-old son broke a double pane window with a ping-pong shot."

someone holding a ping pong ball up in front of a broken window

3."This restaurant stuck their flyer onto my car, and it ended up taking off some of my paint."

A sticker that ripped paint from a car

4."Someone getting bullied for a 'fake' Stanley cup."

"9-year-old bullied for bringing fake Stanley cup to school"

5."My 12-year-old niece did this to my makeup because she 'needed it.'"

a messed-up makeup palette

6."Neighbors reserving parking for themselves."

Buckets blocking people from parking on the street

7."Don't be this person."

a person's foot under someone else's airplane seat

8."My order for fried mozzarella sticks are all without mozzarella."

cheeseless mozzarella sticks

9."Shopping for my 13-month-old."

"Shop by size"

10."My teacher marked my answer wrong because I put a tick instead of a cross."

answers on a test

11."This is how the outlet is positioned relative to the bed in my new dorm room. And no, the bed cannot be moved."

a charger that's crooked because a bed is in front of the outlet

12."Guess which one I used in my oatmeal?"

someone holding up ground cinnamon and ground cumin

13."I'm trying to study for finals, and my friend wants to play Xbox."

Missed calls from Preston

14."After waiting over a month to pick my car up that I brought in spotless to the dealership, this is the condition it was in when I picked it up. I’ve never had a dog in this car, nor do I own one."

dog hair all over someone's car seats

15."My apartment gave me warning of a water shut-off...30 minutes after it started."

"The water will be shut off in your building..."

16."What is wrong with people?!"

"We had a customer steal our tip jar."

17.And finally, "Pencils with erasers like this."

a pencil with a bad eraser