‘Patio de Chácales,’ ‘Germain, the Black Angel,’ ‘Mordaz’ Big Winners at Sanfic Industria

Work in Progress project “Patio de Chácales” (“A Yard of Jackals”) by Chilean editor-turned-director Diego Figueroa swept the 12th Sanfic Industria awards Saturday where a slew of development prizes was doled out to multiple participants across the various sections of the forum.

Equeco’s upcoming “Germain, the Black Angel” proved a big winner, grabbing three awards in the Santiago Lab – Fiction strand. Among the Santiago Lab – Documentary participants, “Mordaz” from Chile’s Cinespecie also took home three prizes.

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Against the backdrop of the Pinochet era in 1978, “Patio de Chacales” turns on a modest middle-aged man whiling his time on his hobby while caring for his bedridden mother. The neighborhood’s peace is disrupted when a gang of menacing neighbors take over the street. As he tries to anonymously stamp out the violence, he’s met with vicious resistance.

“Germain: The Black Angel,” by Equeco’s Tomás Alzamora, is a period musical drama based on the life of Chilean artist Germain de la Fuente who founded duo Los Angeles Negros. It forms part of a trilogy by Alzamora, all inspired by his homeland.

“Mordaz” is “an autobiographical exercise born from the constant questioning of one’s own trans identity,” said director Clio Dinamarca who writes to a young trans man who’s been jailed for self-defense. It’s produced by Nicolás Videla (“Travesti Odyssey”) at Chile’s Cinespecie, a production shingle focusing on LGBTQ-themed stories.

Running concurrently with the Santiago Int’l Film Festival over Aug. 20 – 26, the latest Sanfic Industria edition boasted a new Chilean Series Lab in a nod to the worldwide demand for television fare.

Among the winners at the Series Lab, Equeco’s suspense thriller “Líbranos del fuego de infierno” (“Free Us From the Fires of Hell”) follows a journalist investigating the disappearance of a child, which leads him to come across a cult planning a gruesome ritual on the night of San Juan. The project is being developed by emerging Chilean screenwriter Vicente Torga and was the winner of the Filmarket Hub 2023 TV Pilots Contest.

Pablo Guisa, CEO of Mexico’s Grupo Mórbido and head of the Mórbido Film Festival, hosted the fourth edition of the Sanfic-Mórbido Lab, which focuses on Latin American horror and fantastic film projects that are also eligible for incentives.

“The six projects presented this year were strong, unique and grew wings. They all unfurled mightily, with four out of the six earning incentives, while two of them got a percentage of their budget assured and grew fangs! For them, for me, for genre in Latin America, this year’s Sanfic-Morbido Lab was a great success,” Guisa told Variety.

“It has been a truly satisfying hybrid event, combining both online and in-person participation. Over 600 professionals, including selected individuals, advisors, and international experts, joined us,” said Sanfic Industria head Gabriela Sandoval who noted that this year’s edition marked the return to in-person activities after several online sections of the event.

“It was truly gratifying to not only have the presence of talented individuals from Chile but also participants and advisors from countries such as Mexico, El Salvador, Cuba, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Spain, Panama, and the Dominican Republic,” she observed, adding that the days were jam-packed with a wide range of activities during which the participating projects saw great advances in their development journey.

“Many of them are leaving with substantial incentives that will enable them to progress and, in some cases, even complete their films. This was made possible through our valuable national and international partnerships here at Sanfic Industria,” she noted.

12th Sanfic Industria Winners:



“Patio de Chacales” (Infractor, Chile)

Mexican Distribution

“El Agrónomo” (Zebra Cine, Aqueronte, Haz Cooperativa Audiovisual, Argentina)

Yagan Films

“Raiz” (Desfase Films, Perú)


“Patio de Chacales” (Infractor, Chile)

Latam Cinema Award

“Patio de Chacales” (Infractor, Chile)

Script Sounding

“Cobija” (Limbo Lab, Chile)


“Patio de Chacales” (Infractor, Chile)


MAFF Award

“Las Locas de la Praviana” (Encantada Por la Vida, El Salvador, Spain)

BDC Award

“Las Locas de la Praviana” (Encantada Por la Vida, El Salvador, Spain)

FICG Award

“Tal Vez Mañana Todo Comiendo (Avispa Cine, Chile)

BDC Award

“Azteca Love” (Alejandra Testa, Mexico)

Algo en Común Award

“Germain, the Black Angel” (Equeco, Chile)

Script Factory Award

“Germain, the Black Angel” (Equeco, Chile)

Atómica Award

“Germain, the Black Angel” (Equeco, Chile)

Filmarket Hub

“Bogueros” (Martín Heredia Troncoso, Argentina)



“Mordaz” (Cinespecie, Chile)


“Mordaz” (Cinespecie, Chile)


“Mordaz” (Cinespecie, Chile)


“Tantas Nenas” (Axis Mundi Producciones, Chile)

Nueva Mirada EICTV Award

“Kiepja y Anne” (UNTDFMedios, Argentina)


Morbido Award 10%

“Vampiro en la Ventana” (Lunatica Producciones, Argentina)

Morbido Award 30%

“Upiro” (El Ojo Mecánico, Fasten Films, Okayss, Spain)

Blood Window Award

“Aguacero” (Diana Terán, Ecuador)

BDC Award

“Aguacero” (Diana Terán, Ecuador)

Válvula Award

“LGBTerror” (Efecto Moral Films, Chile)


Conecta Fiction & Entertainment – Series Lab Fiction

“Fin de año” (Series Lab – Fiction – Brazil)

Series Mania – Series Lab Fiction 

“Mazel Tov” (Series Lab Fiction – Argentina)

Marketing Movie Runner – Series Lab Fiction, Pablo Mondragón

“Free Us from the Fires of Hell” (“Líbranos del fuego del infierno”) (Series Lab Fiction – Chile)

Ods Lab

Pampa 2030

“La Voluntaria” (Ods Lab – Argentina)

“Jurel Tipo Salmón” (Ods Lab – Chile)


Women – WAWA Business Forum

“Viento Sur,” Dámaris Rendon (Ods Lab – Argentina)

TAL – Red de la Televisoras Públicas y Culturales de Latinoamérica

“Historias del Motagua” (Ods Lab – Guatemala)

“Hacerse Hombre” (Series Doc – Chile)

FAM – ECM LAB 2024

“Comida da Floresta” (Series Doc – Brazil)

“10.000 km” (Sanfic Ods Lab – Colombia)

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