Patriots need to stay away from Darrelle Revis in NFL free agency

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These familiar NFL veterans are among the best available free agents as the 2017 begins. Will they get chances to play this year?

Best available NFL free agents as 2017 season begins

These familiar NFL veterans are among the best available free agents as the 2017 begins. Will they get chances to play this year?

Robert Kraft on Tuesdaytold reporters he "would love" to seeDarrelle Revis reunited with the Patriots.

For the sake of the franchise, let's hope Bill Belichick disappoints his team owner.

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New England does notneedan expensive, fading free-agent cornerback. It'sconvenient to think Belichick wouldmake room for Revis'return, but signing older players with little versatility and with diminishing skills has not been the coach'sstyle.

The Patriots donot needto stick it to the Jets again, either — New England stillhasTom Brady to rip apart an even weaker,Revis-less pass defense for several more seasons. Plusthe QB is nowarmed with Brandin Cooks,anotherreceiverthe Jets can't cover.

When the Patriots last saw Revis on the field, a Week 16 New England blowout in New York,Brady and rookie receiver Malcolm Mitchell hadtheir way with a sluggish cover man who was a shell of his former great self, the one who peaked in helping New England win Super Bowl XLIX.

Revis turns 32 in July. He willsteal$6million more from the Jetsregardless of whetherhe plays for anybodyin 2017. His second, shorterstintwith the team thatdrafted him only piled on to its veteran salary woes and left it with avoid at corner.

Sure, Kraft is bound to have nostalgia for what Revis gave the Patriots, especially fresh offa second Super Bowl in three years and whenit seems his team can do no wrong with free agency and trades.

But the Patriots already squeezed the lastRevis-likeseason out of him.There's no reason to look back.

Knowinghow Chris Hogan and Martellus Bennett paid off in 2016,Kraft can be certain Belichickis killing it again with the deals for Cooks and tight end Dwayne Allen, amongother moves.

The most notable and uncharacteristic of those moves was the Patriots splurging for former Bills cornerback Stephon Gilmore, keeping in mind the challenge of trying to extend their current shutdown corner, Malcolm Butler, and not being able to bring back another corner, Logan Ryan. Their most typical movewas re-signing Duron Harmon, a swing safety-turned-valuable nickel back.

At this point, the Patriots should trust HarmonoverRevis tocoverreceiversin the slot. Given his lack of on-ball playmakinglast season, Revis alsowould nothave much appeal working outside opposite Gilmore — a la Ryan on the other side of Butler — should the teammove Butler.

A transition into an effective safety role also would be iffy for Revis. The Patriots don't need to bother that position with a volatile experiment.

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"Revis to the Patriots" once had a greatring to it — literally.

This time, itsounds like awaste of a move.

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