Paul Rudd Gets All The Ageless Comments, But We've Been Sleeping On How Great His Ghostbusters Co-Star Ernie Hudson Looks

 Paul Rudd and Ernie Hudson in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.
Paul Rudd and Ernie Hudson in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.

It’s clear as day that GhostbustersPaul Rudd hasn't aged since the Wet Hot American Summer movie. But one of the many benefits of having the original Ghostbusters return for Frozen Empire is seeing how great they look today. Rudd may still be getting ageless comments but I can’t stop thinking about how great his co-star Ernie Hudson looks at his age too.

Three decades later, Ernie Hudson returned as part of the cast of Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Thankfully, that sequel was an opportunity to improve the character of Winston Zeddemore in making Hudson's character more complete compared to his role in the previous ‘80s films. Seeing him again in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, you’d think Hudson had kept himself frozen in time since his debut in the supernatural comedy. Standing alongside his equally ageless co-star, Paul Rudd, at Claridge’s Hotel photo call for Frozen Empire, these two look like they haven’t aged a bit. See for yourself in the photo below:

Ernie Hudson and Paul Rudd attend the photocall for
Ernie Hudson and Paul Rudd attend the photocall for

Isn’t it amazing how great these two look? With Paul Rudd being 54 years old and Ernie Hudson being 78, these two clearly have great genes. Hudson is 78 years old and doesn’t look anywhere near that long in the tooth-- and he's pretty ripped. If you want more proof that The Crow actor looks the same as he did in 1980, a fan posted a side-by-side photo of the same actor from two different decades of his life and it’s like time hasn’t passed. Not only was I in disbelief, but X users left comments expressing their complete shock at the actor’s age too.

  • And people say Paul Rudd never ages 😱

  • Ernie is ageing backwards!

  • He’s the oldest of the living original #Ghostbusters and looks the youngest.

  • If it's because he's a celebrity, how do you explain how he looks better than almost every celebrity over the age of 50?

  • Man looks better and healthier than folks half his age

A lot of these comments are right that Ernie Hudson looks amazing for his age. Other than being a little gray in the hair and donning a mustache, those side-by-side photos hardly show any difference. And, he’s still got working muscles that clearly haven’t left his side since his days of youth. The Miss Congeniality actor will be the envy of many of us as we age.

We don’t know yet what Ernie Hudson’s secret is for how he manages to look the same with time, but we know Paul Rudd’s. Last year, the Ant-Man star explained his ageless appearance is due to getting at least eight hours of sleep, a healthy diet, and exercising where he mixes weight lifting three times a week with cardio. Based on looking completely ageless at the Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire premiere, I would say Rudd’s health and lifestyle methods are paying off.

While Paul Rudd continues to look ageless in every movie and public appearance he's in, it’s clear that’s something he has in common with his Ghostbusters costar Ernie Hudson. They both look so great for their age that it makes us all hope we can age as gracefully as the pair. You have the chance to watch the duo in the 2024 movie release of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire playing in theaters now.