Pedro Martinez, Prince Fielder, and Gary Payton Hilariously Fail ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

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During a special MLB vs. NBA Legends episode of Celebrity Family Feud, we learned that some professional athletes are not very adept when it comes to rhyming. The question that left Gary Payton, Pedro Martinez, and Cecil Fielder scratching their heads was, “Name a word that rhymes with “yummy.”

Former NBA star Gary Payton was first to have to answer the survey. In the heat of the moment, he decided to go with “hummy.” Surprisingly, hummy wasn’t one of the most common answers given, and the MLB Legends stole the category.

We quickly learned that baseball and rhyming don’t go hand-in-hand, either. Hall of Fame pitcher Pedro Martinez answered the question with the word “Miami.” Martinez is from the Dominican Republic, so you kinda gotta give him a break because English is his second language. But Steve Harvey couldn’t help but poke fun at him, saying, “Your ass fixin’ to be on YouTube.”

Finally, there was former slugger Prince Fielder. Fielder got his answer out of left field, where the bees are. Fielder thought that “honey” and “yummy” rhyme. This drew a shocked “What?” from teammate Harold Reynolds.

Ultimately the ballplayers figured it out and won the round. With luck, this embarrassing outing will encourage Payton, Fielder, and Ramirez to read more Dr. Seuss.

Celebrity Family Feud airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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