Moto - Pedrosa warns against spec ECUs

Dani Pedrosa has warned against the possible introduction of a control ECU to MotoGP in the coming years.

Moto - Pedrosa warns against spec ECUs

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Dani Pedrosa

Series promoter Dorna announced this week that it has signed a four-year deal with electronics specialist Magneti Marelli to make a standard ECU available to all teams from 2013.

Although teams will still have a choice between running the Magneti Marelli unit or producing their own ECUs next year, Dorna is known to be pushing for mandatory use of a control system from 2014.

Formula 1 mandated the use of standard ECUs from the start of the 2008 season.

Despite the McLaren-built system proving reliable and driving costs down in the area of electronic research, Pedrosa is skeptical as to how successful such a unit will be on two wheels.

"Obviously it's coming in from Formula 1 and it seems like there it's working there," said the Honda rider ahead of the Aragon Grand Prix. "There are no complaints coming from there.

"But a car is not a bike. It's a big unknown.

"For now it's too early to say anything. Nobody has tested it and nobody knows how it will work on a bike."

Britain's Cal Cructhlow believes the possible move to spec electronics can only have a positive influence, and will not significantly affect the running order either.

"But it's good for the championship, especially from a financial point of view, but it won't really make a big difference," the Tech 3 Yamaha rider said.

"You'll still see the same guys in the front; the guys who are fast in the championship are fast for a reason, not just because of the electronics. It's not going to make a guy at the back suddenly win races."

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