Pegula’s all smiles after Buffalo Bills playoff and Aussie Open wins

Buffalo Bills Jessica Pegula Credit: Alamy
Buffalo Bills Jessica Pegula Credit: Alamy

World No 3 Jessica Pegula couldn’t be with her family as the Buffalo Bills snatched a dramatic NFL playoff wildcard round victory but she was on her game as she advanced in the Australian Open.

The Pegula family own the Buffalo Bills franchise, and there is real hope that with Josh Allen at the helm, they will end the organisation’s wait for a Super Bowl trophy.

Meanwhile, Jessica Pegula is in Australia as a real contender for her first Grand Slam title.

Pegula was in imperious form as she blew past Jaqueline Cristian in straight sets.

Speaking after her victory, Pegula said: “So much fun to open up the week at a slam on Margaret.

“I love this court. Have a lot of great memories on this court. So that’s really fun. And yeah, I mean, today was just one of those days everything was just working. I think you just take them as they come throughout the year and try to enjoy it and I’ll just, you know, get ready for the next round.

Pegula enjoys her highest seeding at a Grand Slam for the Australian Open as the No 3 in the women’s draw.

However, she doesn’t feel that changes much for her in her approach to the game.

“A little bit, but I was top 10 Going into the [US} Open and I think I was seeded pretty high throughout the year.

“So I don’t really think it changes that much. I think there’s so much stuff in the women’s game right now that sometimes it really doesn’t matter where you’re ranked. Things can change very quickly, in a match week to week. So, you know, I just try to take it one day at a time. But it’s definitely fun coming in as a top seed. It’s a new experience for me.”

Pegula posted a message of well-wishes for stricken Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin.

Hamlin collapsed on the field after a sudden cardiac event a few weeks ago and is recovering in hospital as the Bills tread the playoff road.

She wrote: “Go Bills #3”, on the camera lens after her victory over Cristian.

The time difference worked out in Pegula’s favour as she was able to take in the playoff game without any disruption to her schedule.

“I woke up around 7am and got to basically watch most of the the second half,” she told the media post-match.

“The game finished before I started my warmup so I was out there watching.

“There weren’t many people out here yet, but I was here watching.

“It wouldn’t really have affected me [if they had lost], I don’t think, but I would have been annoyed that they lost.”

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