People Who Get Fillers And Other "Tweakments" Are Opening Up About The Costs And If They're Worth It

Not too long ago, I was spending a day with an old friend I hadn't seen in some time. They looked incredibly refreshed and rested, in spite of working long hours in a super demanding career. I had to know their secret, and the answer may have changed my brain chemistry: It was Botox.

woman getting an injection in her forehead

I used to think that cosmetic procedures and injectables were sooo easy to spot and pictured frozen faces and overfilled lips whenever the topic of botox and fillers came up. But my friend didn't have that look at all; they looked healthy, happy, and confident.

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Ever since that day, I've been more and more curious to learn about regular peoples' experiences with Botox, fillers, and other cosmetic "tweakments." So I asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share what they've had done, how much they paid, and if it was worth it. Here's what they had to say:

Having any sort of cosmetic procedure done is a deeply personal decision, so my intention in this post is not to shame anyone for having work done (or for choosing not to). Instead, it's about making space for an honest conversation around the costs and results of these procedures.

1."I’m 24 and have been getting Botox on my forehead for about six months. It costs about $350 every three months but I can sometimes stretch it out to four. Since I’ve started early, my results last longer. I get filler in between my brows to cover a scar and some near my temples. In total, the Botox and filler costs around $1,200. I love the Botox but haven’t seen the results I’ve wanted from the filler. I’ll probably cut back on the filler to save money."

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2."I had laser hair removal on my bikini line and underarms, six sessions at a total of £1,000 [roughly $1,275 USD] about 10 years ago. It wasn’t massively painful for me (pale skin, dark hair). It has reduced my hair levels, but not massively, which makes it feel like a waste of money."

—Katya, 36

3."I get cryofacials. They cost around $90 a session. It's dramatically increased the circulation in my face and eliminated almost every line in my face I had from the nose down. It also does wonders in keeping my rosacea away. I've tried every medicine and TikTok face cream for it, and cryo is almost the only thing that works. My skin looks 20 years younger. Absolutely the best thing I invested in for my skin."

—Miranda, 39

4."I got filler for free because I was a model for a dermatology workshop. (As a side note, the dermatologist who brought me in was publicly chastised for bringing in such a young model.) I liked it and I'd do it again. The results were subtle enough that most people didn't notice, but I could see the difference and it made me feel more confident. Based on what I learned in the dermatology workshop, I would only go to a licensed dermatologist, or PA or NP, in a medical office. I wouldn't go to a med spa, as there are far too many risks."

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—Gigi, 29

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5."I have had quite deep 'elevens' (two lines between my eyebrows) since I was a teenager. I started Botox for them in my 20s. At the time it was enough just to do that one area, once every eight months or so. Now, at 40, I spend about $700 every four months for my full forehead, including the elevens. I love it. It makes me feel so much better about myself. Last time, I was convinced to do my crow's feet as well, which pushed the cost to over $1,000. I saw zero difference around the eyes. Next time, no crow's feet."

—Cindy, 40

6."I get peels and they are game changers. I have dry, reddish skin that is prone to rosacea. I prefer salicylic acid peels, as that’s what my dermatologist recommended. I find that they reduce inflammation and redness over time. That said: definitely try a peel, though everyone’s skin is different, so talk to your dermatologist first."

"In my area (South Florida) I spend about $150 dollars a month on these peels. The medication I used to use (Metrogel) was nearly as much for a monthly prescription, and it was not effective. The peels seem like a solution — effective and easy, only slightly more expensive."


7."I am 38 and have had Botox once. Not sure if it counts. I had a lip flip done which was around $150, and I had injections in my forehead because I hate my forehead wrinkles. This was another $200. The forehead was worth it, but I don’t have the funds for the upkeep, so now I’m just dealing with my lines and working on excellent skincare. The lip flip was worth it, but not something I need or feel like I need on a routine basis, so I just let it all slide."

woman getting a facial injection
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8."I got lip filler twice at $600 per syringe. I liked how it looked initially, but I have a thyroid condition, so my body broke down the filler faster than normal. After six to eight weeks, my lips looked exactly the same. I could maintain the effect by going more frequently to 'build it up' but I can't justify thousands a year on just my lips. I don't regret it, but I probably won't do it again."

—Taylor, 30

9."Botox between my brows every June for about $250. Worth it. That line I’m fighting makes me look angry if it gets too deep; my resting bitch face is bad enough without it."


10."I'm 29 and have gotten Botox on my forehead for the past couple of years. It costs around $300 every six to eight months and it's SO WORTH IT! It gets rid of a big crease in my forehead without changing my face or freezing it too much. It makes me feel so much better about myself."

woman looking at her forehead lines in the mirror

—Kirsten, 29

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11."I get Botox for $200 every six months, and I love it. I decided to try Botox on a total whim after the birth of my first kid (now six). When you're a new mom, people always comment on how you look and I thought, what the hell. I got 11 CCs in my forehead/11 lines and a small lip flip. The results are amazing. You look more awake, makeup goes on better, like I can't say enough good things. I got Botox for the first time at 32. I'm now almost 39, and people always think I'm in my low 30s. I'll never stop!"

—Colette, 38

12."I started getting Botox for migraines, and it's absolutely life-changing. Not only does it work well for migraine prevention, I'm enjoying the beauty aspects of it as well. My injector puts them in my 11 lines and my forehead. I don't feel like I'm completely frozen, just aging well. I have decent health insurance and pay about $1,200 total for about four treatments per year."

"I've done laser skin therapy at a med spa for my 40th birthday. It cost a little over $400 and I never saw any difference. I tried spider vein therapy too. That ran around $800, but if you don't take care of yourself afterwards (I didn't) they just come back. Still think it's worth trying and everything is temporary if you don't like it."


13."I got lip filler for $700. I loved the results and will get it again when these dissolve!"

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—Autumn, 23

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14."I lost a bunch of weight last year and started getting more into changing my appearance, so I decided to treat myself to lip filler. I was really nervous about looking 'overdone', so I communicated to my doctor that I wanted to take it slow. My filler was applied over multiple sessions and in total it cost $650 (my office charges by the syringe). I absolutely love the results and will definitely keep doing it!"

—Mercy, 28

Have you gotten any of these cosmetic treatments — or something else? Share your experience in the comments!