People are going crazy over Duchess Kate's 'weird' hands editors

Duchess Kate is known for making headlines for her chic and frequently affordable style, sweet philanthropic moments and inspirational parenting advice, but now she's making news in the lifestyle world for a very different reason: Her hands. 

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Kate's long and delicate fingers are going viral for an unusual reason -- it seems that her pointer, ring and middle fingers are all the same length.  

As first reported by The Daily Mail, those noticed the moment when Kate stepped out Tuesday in Oxford, England, to address mental health in schools. One's 'digit ratio' can help signal particular health issues such as Marfan syndrome or schizophrenia.

On the other hand, the ratio, such as a longer index finger, might signal health benefits, such as increased fertility or lower risk of heart disease. 

Kate's not the only person who has made headlines for her hands. Check out these other celebs and their unusual fingers. 

Twitter responded to the various reports of Kate's fingers, acknowledging that it's a weird and silly thing for people to even comment on. 

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