The Asbestos Ban Has People Hilariously Trolling Conservatives

The Asbestos Ban Has People Hilariously Trolling Conservatives

Today I learned that the Environmental Protection Agency *just* fully banned asbestos.

Yellow caution tape with "DANGER ASBESTOS DUST HAZARD" across a white picket fence, warning of hazardous material
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According to the Associated Press, the EPA ruled on Monday that chrysotile asbestos would be prohibited from use in things like brake linings and gaskets.

Sign on wall warns of asbestos hazard
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And now a tweet from the AP announcing the ban has gone viral:

AP Photo / Andrew Harnik, File/ / Via Twitter: @AP

Most people were like, "How hasn't it been banned already?"

Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @Brettheepi

Like, seriously, I thought they banned that stuff in the '80s.

Twitter: @YosemiteForest

But besides those people voicing their surprise at the delayed ban, the majority of the responses consist of people trolling conservatives.

Twitter: @marionumber4

"Liberal media strikes again," this person said.

Twitter: @mxuceri

"Your rightwing uncle is out there right now going 'ugh ANOTHER thing I have to start defending," another person chimed in.

Twitter: @CousinNate2

From "First they came for lead pipes, and I did not speak out..."

Twitter: @the_transit_guy "Heeeere come the MAGAs."

Fox / Via Twitter: @DrSandman11

This person joked, "The woke mind virus strikes again."

Twitter: @robrousseau

Ultimately, yay for us finally banning asbestos, so I'll leave you with more of my favorite responses to the tweet:

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And lastly:

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