People Revealed Their Biggest Sexual Fears, And Honestly, I'm In The Same Boat As Them

Recently Reddit user u/novaboss69 asked the community: "What is your worst fear while having sex?"

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People got into the nitty gritty of it all, and revealed some things they're TRULY terrified of while doing the deed. Like, these are pretty darn valid (if you want my two cents).

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So, here are some horrific sex acts folks constantly fear will happen to them:

1."Peeing in a girl's mouth when getting head. The night I had sex for the first time, I came very fast (even with practicing safe sex). I was young and very excited, so she tried to get me hard with her mouth. I thought I was getting excited again, but I peed in her mouth — turned out neither one of us liked that."

"I’m now middle-aged and have a hard time enjoying oral from my wife. She knows about my first time and tries to put me at ease, but I just can’t get over it. I’ve only ever gotten there, like, six times ever in my life."


2."That my pussy has a weird smell and taste, that I might fart in certain positions, and that I'll have some weird discharge that will make him feel grossed out (I had some persistent yeast infection in the past)."


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3."One of mine came to life when I first met my current girlfriend. We were on our first holiday as a couple and we got down to doing the deed one night. She was on the bed on all fours with her butt hanging off the bed while I stood at the edge of the bed. Then the BIGGEST, FATTEST, HAIRIEST spider crawled across her butt. I was so startled that I couldn't even make a noise at first, and just staggered back."


4."I have PoTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), and with intense exercise, I pass out easily. I’m always terrified I'll pass out in the middle of having sex, especially if my husband doesn’t notice and I’m just there being rammed completely out cold. My husband is autistic and very good at handling how he keeps himself aware of his surroundings, but it still scares me because he has a tendency to keep his eyes closed a lot in bed."


5."Shitting myself while getting fucked. Sometimes that thang just hits a certain way and it makes me feel like I’m about to shit myself. It’s hard to clench that sphincter while getting railed (it actually happened to me once — thankfully my guy didn’t seem to notice, and I was able to quickly excuse myself to go hop in the shower). He literally fucked the shit outta me 😗."


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6."My worst fear was throwing up while giving a blowjob...and then it happened to me. I have no fears at this point :)."


"I had a female friend at work tell me she had just made a big spaghetti dinner, and about 30 mins later, was giving her husband a blowjob. He put his hand on the back of her head and PUSHED — then bam. Spaghetti all over him AND the couch."


7."It already happened — I had an ex who lied about taking the pill when we had sex. She unfortunately had a miscarriage, but that was a huge bullet dodged that she almost locked me into being an unwilling father. I plan on getting a vasectomy to erase any chance of this happening again."


8."The condom breaking. I don’t want to open my wallet for 18 years or contract the heebie jeebies."


"This happened to me during a one-night stand, and I didn’t even realize until I nutted in her. I was wondering why it felt so good then I pulled my dick out and the condom was basically a beer cozy half the length of my dick. I bought her a Plan B and nothing ever came of it, but god damn I was scared for a min."


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9."This happened to a friend of mine once (with a girl I had a crush on, on top of that). They were fucking and after five minutes or so she ends up saying, 'Nah, your dick is too small.' She got dressed and left him there."


10."Cumming as soon as I enter or before (I've never had sex before)."


"The first time is awkward — it’ll either be real quick, or you’ll overthink it and it’ll be difficult to enjoy. Communication is key, and setting mutual expectations is normal.

The big thing to remember is that just because it’s your first time, it doesn’t mean it’s your only time. You’ll get more confident the more you do it and figure out what works best for you and your partner."


11."I've had a girlfriend call me by her ex's name, I've had a condom fall off and needed Plan B, and I've been unable to finish for an hour. The only real fear I have at this point is getting a girl into the bedroom, and from there I'll accept whatever happens."


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12."That this moment of extreme physical and emotional vulnerability is exploited by my partner to not respect my boundaries."


13."I've already experienced it in college. I took a woman home from the bar, and when she was riding reverse cowgirl, she sprayed me with explosive diarrhea. Then in a drunken stupor and embarrassment, she ran out of my apartment naked (it was a dorm-style apartment with a shared hallway). I'm sure some people driving got a hell of a show and story as well."


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14."Having her fart in my mouth if I’m going down on her or licking her butthole."


"I love getting my ass eaten, and this is something I am super aware of (as I would hate to do that to someone). I’ll stop you right away if I think that's gonna happen."


15.And finally: "My partner at the moment and I were doing the deed, and they pulled out a bit too far while thrusting. Their junk hit the space between my butt and cooch with a good amount of force. It was the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt during sex — it fully winded me. I swear I went into shock for a second and couldn’t speak before I choked out tears and started crying. Now any time I’m doing the deed, it’s hard to fully relax because I’m always worried I’ll re-live that pain by accident."


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Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.