"You Still Leave Hungry": Foodies Are Revealing The Mega-Popular Food Trends That They (And Most People) Wish Would Just Die Already

Though food trends come and go, some of them need to be on their way out a little faster. When redditor u/Prestigious-Humor872 asked the people of r/AskReddit to share which modern food trend they can't wait to die out, they did not hold back. Here are some of the current food trends people are confused by, or sick and tired of:

1."The 'fry everything' trend. Don't get me wrong, I love my fried chicken and poppers, but fried butter? That's the line."

A person is showing off the fried butter they got at a state fair

2."Drowning food with melted cheese or cheese sauce. It's completely unnecessary, and the food probably would be better without it."


3."Restaurants serving food on cutting boards, shovels, paper, shells — anything that is not an actual plate."

steak served on a shovel at a restaurant

4."The ASMR food videos. People who film themselves eating food and smacking loudly into the microphone — why?!"


5."Sweets on top of sweets. Who actually wants a milkshake with a donut, a lollipop, and a cupcake attached?!"

A milkshake is stacked with sprinkles, a waffle, a banana, sour candy, and whipped cream

6."Graphic design-y menus that try to be creative but just end up being confusing. Also, PDF-only, QR code menus. I'd really prefer a physical one."


7."Food trucks that charge the same price as a premium restaurant, but on a floppy plate with half the serving size that I have to stand up to eat."

A $22 taco meal from a food truck is being shown

8."Calling a slight alteration to a recipe a 'hack.' Adding Parmesan cheese to your grilled cheese sandwich is not a hack — it's a minor recipe change."


9."The stupid trend where people waste an incredible amount of food just for clicks and views."

A man is eating a giant dumpling

10."Everything being called yuzu when it's actually just lemon."


11."People putting food in wine glasses for some reason."

A "slice" of red velvet cake is inside a wine glass

12."Fancy restaurants that serve 'street tacos' and charge, like, $18 for three."


13."Food that has way too many toppings thrown on it, purely for the shock value of it all. I don't want a Flamin' Hot Butthole Destroyer 3000 with three types of meat, three types of cheese, and three types of sauce on it. I just want a good, simple burger with a tasty patty."

A taco shell is filled with mac and cheese and brisket

14."'Charcuterie boards' that have Cheetos, Hershey's, marshmallows, etc. That's not charcuterie! I'm not a charcuterie snob, but I at least need some cheese and crackers on that board."


15."Deconstructed food. I did not pay you lots of money just to cook or make my own food."

A deconstructed caesar salad is being shown

16."Truffle-flavored everything. Real truffle can be wonderful, but in moderation. Nowadays, people put truffle oil in everything and anything. Enough!"


17."Butter boards. Enough said."

There's a board full of butter sitting on a counter

18."This is more of a restaurant trend, but I am sick of polished concrete floors, exposed brick and pipes, and having to order at a counter. Can we bring back having nicer dining rooms, please?"


19."Burgers that use brioche buns. They fall apart, and they're too sweet — STOP IT. Save the brioche for French toast."


20."Desserts that are giant and expensive. I don't want to pay $18 for a cookie-brownie-sundae cronut served on a wagon wheel with a cotton candy garnish. I want a cheap bit of sweet decadence to end a nice meal with."

Two vanilla wafer tacos are doused in whipped cream and banana pudding

21."Restaurants that only serve small plates, meant to be shared. You go broke trying to cobble together enough food for an actual meal, and even then, you might still leave hungry."


22."Every new flavor is spicy hot, flaming hot, deadly hot, etc. Some of us can't digest that spicy shit."

A cup of noodles is being held up to show the ghost pepper flavoring

23."Communal dining tables at restaurants. You're not 'building community' or 'fostering connections,' you're asking your customers to sit next to random strangers so that you can pack more people into your restaurant."


24."Bloody Marys that are garnished with celery, olives, three onion rings, a chicken wing, two bacon cheeseburgers, and a supreme 18-inch pizza. Stop with the excessive garnish."

A Bloody Mary is garnished with a pizza, a sandwich, onion rings, chicken wings, pickles, olives, french fries, and a lime

25."Paying extra for 'prettier' food. It seems like there's a big focus on visual presentation over taste nowadays. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate good plating, but goddamn. I feel like trendy places are focusing way too much on how Instagram-able their food is rather than making it taste good. And the thing is, I can't even blame new restaurants, because social media is the way you advertise now. So people, often enough, end up picking restaurants based off of eye-catching plating and gimmicks rather than the actual reviews on whether or not the food is good and reasonably priced."


26."Dying food black with activated charcoal."

A loaf of charcoal bread is being cut

27."Gold-plated food. It's all about status."


28."Burgers that are so tall and big that they can't be eaten without unhinging your jaw."

Two very tall hamburgers sit side-by-side

29.And finally: "Science-related food. The bubbling guacamole, the floating cylinder of whatever it is you have to stab so that the sauce pours onto your plate, the smoking mystery dome that has to be cracked open. Just bring me some real food, please."

A cocktail with two bubbles and some smoke sits on a table

I actually like watching the ASMR mukbangs, so I'm hoping those won't fade away...but I'm a firm hater of those food waste videos for sure! What are some food trends you absolutely love, and what are some you absolutely can't stand? Let me know in the comments, or you can submit using this anonymous form!