People who decorate for Christmas early are happier people and more news from the week

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T.I. takes 18-year-old daughter to gynecologist yearly to ensure her 'hymen is intact'

Rapper T.I. faced backlash this week after he admitted to attending his 18-year-old daughter’s gynecology appointments to ensure she is still a virgin. In an episode on the “Ladies Like Us” podcast, which has since been removed, he also admitted that his daughter signed a form that allows her doctor to share the information with him. He believes the “hymen checks” will prove she is a virgin. People on social media were outraged by his remarks, calling them inappropriate and abusive. 

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Water on most major U.S. airlines is unsafe

A new study found that most water on U.S. airlines is unsafe. In the 2019 Airline Water Study, only three of the 11 major airlines sampled scored high enough to suggest the water onboard is safe to drink. The study advises avoiding coffee and tea in flight and using hand sanitizer rather than water to wash your hands.

Kristen Stewart opens up about 'slut shaming' surrounding affair with Rupert Sanders

Kristen Stewart opened up about her affair with Rupert Sanders to Howard Stern on his radio show. Stewart admitted the affair “wasn’t innocent,” but the backlash she received was “absurd.” She recounts: “We lived in a different time then; the slut-shaming that went down was so absurd.” Stewart and Sanders were photographed kissing in 2012 while she was still dating Robert Pattinson and Sanders was still married.

People who decorate for Christmas early are happier 

According to psychoanalyst Steve McKeown, “People like to associate to things that make them happy, and Christmas decorations evoke those feelings of childhood.” Those decorations act as a pathway to exciting childhood moments. Another expert agreed, explaining that nostalgia helps people understand their identity, and putting up Christmas decorations is a way to reconnect to their childhood.

Seasonal depression is more than just a case of the blues. Here's how to manage it.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a form of depression caused by the changes of seasons. Symptoms can include loss of energy and feeling lethargic, experiencing a tougher time waking up and, in more severe cases, feelings of hopelessness or suicidal thoughts. Light therapy is the primary treatment for SAD, tricking your body into thinking it’s still summer, according to Hanne Hoffmann, Ph.D. Hoffmann encourages people to start the light therapy even before symptoms arrive since the treatment takes time to work.

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