Perez not distracted by McLaren move


Sauber's Sergio Perez insists he is focused on this season and that he is not being distracted by next year's move to McLaren.

The 22-year-old Mexican was criticised by Lewis Hamilton, who branded a pass by Perez early in the race as a "crazy manoeuvre".

Asked if he felt the pressure was getting to him, he replied: "Not really, in a way I feel more relaxed because now my future is secure and I am really focused for my team.

"I am not thinking about McLaren at the moment," he said

"I am fully focused on this year to finish races very high and until the last lap I drive for this team, then I start at McLaren," he said.

"I did a mistake and now I move on. It is normal for people to criticise you after you do a mistake."

Perez added that Sauber's main target is to overhaul Mercedes despite the upcoming circuits not being ideal for the C31.

"In the upcoming races I don't expect one to be really strong but we have to get good points in each race," he said.

"That [overhauling Mercedes] is our main priority and if we have a strong weekend we have a good chance."

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