Pete Holmes Dropping Comedy Special On Netflix

Pete Holmes Dropping Comedy Special On Netflix

Pete Holmes has lined up his next comedy special, dropping Tuesday on Netflix.

“I Am Not For Everyone” features stories ranging from Holmes’ religious upbringing to quips about his newfound perspective as a first-time father. You can watch a trailer above.

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“I opened for Bill Burr in 2004 in Peoria, IL, in my third year of standup. I did very poorly,” he tells Deadline. “After the show, not one person bought my merch, a bumper sticker that read ‘Yippie Ki Yay, Melonfarmer.’ I was humiliated. So you can imagine what a thrill it was when, nineteen years later, Bill said he wanted to produce my first Netflix special, I Am Not For Everybody. Thankfully, it seems Bill has a bad memory.”

“I am not for everybody is the feeling I have coming home from most social gatherings, birthday parties, religious celebrations and haircuts and it’s very exciting to share the observations and stories that come from that strange place,” he continued. “With each special, I’m always trying to strike the right balance between silly, surprising, light, dark, dad stuff and deep stuff and I’m proud to say this is my favorite hour I’ve ever done. I sincerely hope you melonfarmers enjoy it. But if you don’t, trust me, I get it.”

In 2021, Holmes starred in the short-lived CBS comedy Smallwood. Before that, Holmes created, executive produced and headlined HBO’s comedy series Crashing, which ran for three seasons.

He also had a late-night talk show on TBS, headlined three standup specials, and authored the book Comedy Sex God, published by HarperCollins.

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