Peter Schrager Says Goodbye To ‘Good Morning Football’s “NYC Era” As NFL Network Show Moves To LA

Peter Schrager recalled some of his best moments from Good Morning Football as he bid farewell to the “NYC era” of the show as production moves to LA this summer.

“Today is my last day in the New York City Good Morning Football studios,” Schrager said on Friday’s show.

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Schrager reminded viewers that GMFB started on 59th Street and then moved to Times Square before moving to lower Manhattan “for the last several seasons,” adding, “Each studio holds a place in my heart and has a real place in this show’s history.”

Embassy Row’s production started on the NFL Network in 2016 and will move to LA later this year. Co-host Jamie Erdahl announced earlier this week she was moving to California with the show, but it is unclear which of the other co-hosts will make the move.

After showcasing some of the best moments Schrager had on the show over the past eight years, he took a moment to thank the crew “who puts on the show.”

“The show itself in name is going out to LA and it’ll have the same spirit that it had in New York. But I just am reflective I am grateful,” Schrager said. “There wasn’t a single day in the last eight years that I didn’t realize that I had my dream job because I would drive in from Brooklyn, and you get the Brooklyn Bridge, and you have the New York City sun just rising over that skyline it was like, like a romantic comedy like a movie.”

He continued, “And those days are done. We’re going to be taking the show elsewhere. And we’ll see what happens. But I just wanted to appreciate my time in New York and the crew and the people. A lot of those folks won’t be making the trip. But we do love them and that they are a part of the story in the show and it’s fabric.”

Schrager assured viewers it was “not the last that you’ll see me be talking football or the last that we’ll be talking football together. It’s just the end of an era.”

Without confirming whether he was going to continue hosting GMFB from LA, Schrager ended by saying, “To all the executives out there, the NFL Network, the NFL, the league office, and the viewers, thanks for letting us do it for the past eight years. It was awesome. It was real, and it was my dream job, and I loved every single day.”

See Schrager’s best moments on GMFB in the video below.

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