Phil Mickelson gets into Twitter spat with former PGA Tour pro over golf world rankings

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Phil Mickelson has once again joined other prominent LIV golfers in expressing his dissent against the breakaway tour's exclusion from the world rankings. Despite LIV Golf boasting some of the top players in the world, none of them are awarded any rankings points by the Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) for their LIV performances. Brooks Koepka, for example, saw his ranking plummet outside the top 100 earlier this year despite winning the LIV event in Orlando. It was only when his newfound form was on show at the recent Masters that he was able to get a much-needed rankings boost, rising 79 places to No 39 after his runner-up finish at Augusta. LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman said recently that he believes the LIV Golf shut-out will only serve to make the world rankings "obsolete" before long if changes are not made. And on Monday, LIV Golf star Phil Mickelson got into a Twitter spat with former PGA Tour professional Colt Knost, who appeared to suggest that LIV players should not receive ranking points after jumping ship. A LIV Golf enthusiast sparked the discussion regarding the world rankings, suggesting that it should adapt to the distinctive 54-hole format and 48-player fields of LIV events. When Knost replied that it was "wishful thinking" on LIV Golf's part, Mickelson entered the conversation.

"Serious question. Y'all are so upset about the OWGR, if you knew the criteria when you're starting a tour why wouldn't you just meet it?" Knost added. To which Mickelson responded: "Colt. It is not our job. It is the owgr's job to rank ALL the players in the world. Maybe they can do THEIR job and figure it out like they do for multiple tours with hundreds of players not even close to as good.But that would hurt the PGA's revenue from CBS so the leaders won't," he replied. "Respectfully, why did you never lobby for WR points from the start? Why did you not argue for points when you played on pga tour champions?" Knost replied. Mickelson then hit back: "Respectfully, I don't need OWGR points nor do I care about them for myself. I'm in 3 majors for the next 13+ years and all four majors through 2025. It's about doing what's right and calling out the collusion that's taking place behind closed doors to help JM get all his tv money. "Curious why you think LIV is the ONLY tour NOT worthy of points despite so many great players? Because it's a threat is not a valid reason."

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The conversation continued for a little while longer, with Knost eventually appearing to agree that LIV Golf should be awarded some ranking points, but that the tour's formats and fields made it hard to determine exactly what it should be. No doubt the debate will continue to rage on in the golf world until a final decision is made.

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