Phoebe Bridgers calls out trolls who bullied her on the way to her dad’s funeral: ‘It was dehumanising’

Phoebe Bridgers (Getty Images)
Phoebe Bridgers (Getty Images)

Phoebe Bridgers has said she was “bullied” by supposed fans while travelling to her dad’s funeral earlier this year.

The 28-year-old singer announced her father Tony’s passing at the beginning of January on Instagram.

And while she didn’t note what prompted the negative attention, Bridgers was photographed at LAX with comedian Bo Burnham amid speculation that she split from actor Paul Mescal, just days after confirming her dad’s death.

In the wake of her grief, the Kyoto hitmaker said that she was targeted by a group of trolls posing as fans at the airport while preparing to travel to his memorial service a week after her social media post.

In a new interview with Them magazine, she said: “I’m coming from a place of literally – I’m feeling it in my body as I’m saying it, but – people with my picture as their Twitter picture, who claim to like my music, f***ing bullied me at the airport on the way to my father’s funeral this year.

“If you’re a kid and the internet somehow taught you that that’s an okay thing to do, then of course I hate capitalism and everything that led you to believe that it’s okay to do that.

“But, I, at one of the lowest points of my life, saw people who claim to love me f***ing dehumanise me and shame me and f***ing bully me on the way to my dad’s wake. It’s not like they didn’t know my dad just died.”

The Chinese Satellite hitmaker went on to say that the bullies would have known about her father’s death because she had announced it on social media.

“A lot of the top comments [were] like, ‘Hey, her dad just died, what are you guys doing?’” she added.

Although Bridgers noted that “most of the people I talk to light up my life”, she had a strong message from those who troll others online, saying, “I f***ing hate you, and I hope you grow the f*** up.”