Picnic tablecloth-inspired dye job is wild and wonderful

Hair colorist Ursula Goff created a nearly spot-on rendition of plaid fabric for one of her clients. (Photo: Instagram/Ursula Goff)
Hair colorist Ursula Goff created a nearly spot-on rendition of plaid fabric for one of her clients. (Photo: Instagram/Ursula Goff)

If you find yourself scrolling through social media for hair color inspiration, you’ve probably come across Ursula Goff’s work. The Kansas-based colorist is not the type of stylist who posts boring photos of a blonde going blonder, but instead, everything from plaid to crystal-colored hair looks.

She recently shared a photo on Instagram of one of her clients rocking custom clip-in extensions inspired by a gingham picnic tablecloth. “This is awesome,” one person shared under the vibrant photo. “So glad it’s getting shared and I came across it, freaking stunning.”

Hey internet, I see you seeing me. I’m inspired by other stuff, too. Like…gingham picnic table fabric. This was for a project I did with @matrix and their Color Sync Vinyls. Don’t worry, it’s painted on a clip in extension, so she can make sure it looks perfect every time. #matrixbrandpartner #redhair #ginghamhair #textilehair #plaidhair #matrix #colorsyncvinyls #modernsalon #beautylaunchpad #behindthechair #americansalon

A post shared by Ursula Goff (@uggoff) on Nov 26, 2017 at 12:00pm PST

The 35-year-old licensed colorist isn’t new to adding amazing hues to hair. In fact, Goff tells Yahoo Lifestyle, she has been coloring her and her friends’ hair since she was 13. Years later, she decided to take her talents to the next level. She explains, “I attended a community college cosmetology program after dropping out of art school, so I have a strong art and painting background.”

After browsing through all the out-of-the-box color sessions Goff shares on her Instagram feed, one can’t help but wonder where she draws inspiration from. “Sometimes I just see a pretty photo or take a photo of something pretty and set it aside for later,” she says. “Other times, while I am consulting with clients, we come across inspiration photos and concepts while we work out what they want. Then, we work from there. Sometimes it’s something that’s more in my head than anything, and I might do a quick sketch to demonstrate my idea.”

Melissa already had a bit of a red and blonde balayaged ombre, and wanted a dusty rosy color. Her blonde was pretty brassy (second photo), so I mixed equal parts @schwarzkopfusa Blondme toners in Lilac and Strawberry (generously provided by Schwarzkopf) and just worked that through all over for this fabulous rosè tone. I am trying to get better at subtlety because it’s definitely not my strong suit, so I am pleased that I was able to exercise some restraint here! #stronglyblonded #schwarzkopfusa #rosegoldhair #rosegold #rosé #peachhair #beautylaunchpad

A post shared by Ursula Goff (@uggoff) on Nov 12, 2017 at 3:18pm PST

Goff does admit to having her share of hair-color mishaps in the past, especially early on in her career. Now, she’s a pro and can easily fix subtle mistakes or improvise. “I’ve also gotten good at turning mistakes into new ideas, so I run with that a lot too,” she says.

On average, most of her clients who require double- or triple-process coloring on their hair will sit for about four to six hours, but more detailed projects can take up to 10 hours for maximum results, allowing Goff usually to take only one color client a day.

“Almost all of my clients tell me to do whatever I want,” Goff says. “Occasionally, they might say something like, ‘I’ve been liking pink lately, so just make sure there’s some pink in it,’ or something along those lines. But for the most part, I get a lot of creative freedom to do whatever. I do talk with my clients to make sure they’re on board with whatever I’m thinking, and if they have reservations, I might modify the design or concept until they are confident with it. But for the most part, they really trust me, and I appreciate that so much.”

Goff’s work has not come without criticism, and she shared that other colorists will often say that her work looks like too much work. However, she doesn’t think of it this way and finds the initial drawing and painting process quite pleasurable. “When it’s done, it’s done,” she says. “I approach hair the same way. Yes, it can take time and work, but I enjoy the process, as it is just as satisfying as the outcome.”

We couldn’t help but ask what Goff is thinking to try next, and she told us that she’s really been into the lovely golds, oranges, teals, and blues seen in Yellowstone hot springs. “I have some ideas regarding light,” she says. “I’ve been playing around with prism concepts lately, but I really want to expand on that and try to incorporate other ways that we perceive light, especially with regards to shape and focal points. I know that sounds very vague, but you’ll know what I mean once you see it.”

While we have to wait to see what masterpiece Goff will come up with next, sit back and prepare to be amazed by some of the most stunning looks she’s created so far.

Crystallized color!!! I feel pretty good about this color today. I was inspired by how color lays on crystals and changes tone and directionality on each side. So I played around with a new technique where I applied color both horizontally and vertically in panels on my gorgeous model Rachel @puglieserachel. I did this using @matrix’s new vivids line, Socolor Cult, to be released in June 2018. Gotta say, I’m a fan…and I loved the work everyone else did with them, too! #matrix #socolorcult #crystalcolor #naturecolor #naturehair #rainbowhair #texturewithcolor #iridescenthair #prismhair #opalhair #holographichair #behindthechair #beautylaunchpad #americansalon #modernsalon

A post shared by Ursula Goff (@uggoff) on Nov 7, 2017 at 5:56pm PST

I've been looking for an excuse to do this particular color combo ever since I found that photo of a black opal almost a year ago. My Kandinsky hair piece provided a great opportunity after we colored Katie's hair Cobalt! It also inspired the fiery roots mixed with indigo hair I did on myself earlier this summer. #blackopal #kandinsky #bluehair #geology #geologyhair #naturehair #modernsalon #beautylaunchpad #behindthechair #americansalon

A post shared by Ursula Goff (@uggoff) on Oct 24, 2017 at 9:17am PDT

PRISMS ERRYWHURRR. Inspired by the work of @kristinacheeseman, who is fanfuckintastic and I love her #prismhair #rainbowhair #sciencehair #naturehair #prisms #rainbows #beautylaunchpad #modernsalon #behindthechair #americansalon

A post shared by Ursula Goff (@uggoff) on Oct 23, 2017 at 10:55am PDT

The falliest of fall hair #autumnhair #pumpkinspicehair #orangehair #fallhair #americansalon #beautylaunchpad #behindthechair #modernsalon

A post shared by Ursula Goff (@uggoff) on Oct 21, 2017 at 10:23am PDT

Hot springs…This was another super experimental collaboration with my artist client Sadie @queenofcolorartist. And once again, we ended up so crazy ecstatic with it. My eyeballs are SO happy when I look at these colors together. I'm so dead. #hotsprings #yellowstone #rainbowhair #naturehair #fallhair #autumnhair #zombiesnott #lanza #joico #pravana #specialefeects #beautylaunchpad #behindthechair #modernsalon #americansalon

A post shared by Ursula Goff (@uggoff) on Sep 17, 2017 at 10:02pm PDT

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