PICTURED: The two playful rabbits and other animals looking for forever homes

Mumble <i>(Image: Margaret Green Animal Rescue)</i>
Mumble (Image: Margaret Green Animal Rescue)

A PLAYFUL pair of rabbits are among the animals looking for their forever homes this week.

Margaret Green Animal Rescue in Dorset is looking to rehome a number of dogs, cats, rabbits and pigs currently in its care.

Can you help? All the details are below.

  • Mumble

Bournemouth Echo: Mumble
Bournemouth Echo: Mumble

Mumble (Image: Margaret Green Animal Rescue)

Mumble is a playful, gentle-natured crossbreed who is approximately two years old and weighs just over 30kg.

She would love to find an energetic family with adults and children aged 15 plus, who will continue her training and have a secure garden for her to explore.

The centre believe Mumble would be happy to live with other male dogs, following successful introductions, but she would be best suited to a home without cats.

  • Celeste

Bournemouth Echo: Celeste
Bournemouth Echo: Celeste

Celeste (Image: Margaret Green Animal Rescue)

Celeste is a three year old Husky who is looking for a home with adults and teenage children.

She would love to have access to an enclosed garden, as she enjoys being outside and exploring.

Whilst Celeste is happy to meet other dogs out on walks, the centre think she would be best suited to a home as the only pet, so she can have all the cuddles, toys and food for herself.

  • Brian

Bournemouth Echo: Brian
Bournemouth Echo: Brian

Brian (Image: Margaret Green Animal Rescue)

Brian is a three year old Lurcher who is a very friendly and welcoming chap that loves leaning in for a cuddle.

Brian is looking for a family who will have time to help with his recall training, and it would be hugely beneficial for him to have access to some enclosed spaces, where he can practice this safely.

The centre think Brian would be happy to live amongst other canine friends and older children.

  • Todd

Bournemouth Echo: Todd
Bournemouth Echo: Todd

Todd (Image: Margaret Green Animal Rescue)

Todd is a loveable, nine month old chap who has settled well into the cattery.

Although he can be a little sensitive, he still has a very playful side and he loves his toys.

He also enjoys a good fuss and he relaxes nicely in a calm environment.

Due to his past experiences, the centre believe Todd would be best suited to a quiet home with an adult family, where he’ll be the only pet.

  • Charlotte and Dougal

Bournemouth Echo: Charlotte and Dougal
Bournemouth Echo: Charlotte and Dougal

Charlotte and Dougal (Image: Margaret Green Animal Rescue)

Charlotte and Dougal are a pair of four year old bonded of pigs.

Charlotte is an inquisitive and chatty girl who loves fuss and attention.

Dougal can be shy to start with but he soon warms up to people, and he also enjoys a fuss.

They love taking a dip in the wallow in the summer and having zoomies around their field.

They are looking for a home with a draught-free bedroom and a large paddock space.

  • Vernon and Tikka

Bournemouth Echo: Vernon and Tikka
Bournemouth Echo: Vernon and Tikka

Vernon and Tikka (Image: Margaret Green Animal Rescue)

Vernon and Tikka are a pair of three year old rabbits who are highly adventurous and thrive on having somewhere up high to sit and look out.

They would love to find a home with plenty of space and enrichment, where they can hop around and explore.

The centre feel that Vernon and Tikka would benefit from spending lots of quality time and building up a strong bond with their new family.

To register an interest in rehoming Mumble, Celeste or Brian, email the team at Lincoln Farm at

To register an interest in rehoming Todd, Charlotte and Dougal or Vernon and Tikka, please email the team at Church Knowle at