Pig Named Snoop Hogg Looking for Home After Being Saved from the Streets of Philadelphia (Exclusive)

"He is loving and affectionate," according to the dog rescuer who brought Snoop Hogg to the Sanctuary at Haafsville

<p>Courtesy of The Sanctuary at Haafsville</p> A pig named Snoop Hogg likes to give kisses.

Courtesy of The Sanctuary at Haafsville

A pig named Snoop Hogg likes to give kisses.

A pig named Snoop Hogg has become a popular resident at a Pennsylvania animal rescue — and now he's seeking a forever home.

The Sanctuary at Haafsville's dog care manager, Jayne Anne Bissell, tells PEOPLE she spotted the 6-month-old pig during a trip to Philadelphia.

Snoop Hogg had been taken in by the Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia (ACCT Philly) after someone found the pig wandering the streets of Philadelphia. Bissell met Snoop Hogg for the first time in the back room of ACCT Philly while she was picking up rescue pups from the shelter.

<p>Courtesy of The Sanctuary at Haafsville</p>

Courtesy of The Sanctuary at Haafsville

"He didn't look too great, so I thought that another rescue that has the setup to take pigs would take him, but unfortunately, pigs are being dumped so frequently that all rescues, even for pigs, are full. So nobody could pull him," she says. "The next time I went back, he looked pathetic, so I ended up taking him."

The Sanctuary at Haafsville's website notes that Snoop Hogg might have been used as bait for dog fighting rings before his rescue.

<p>Courtesy of The Sanctuary at Haafsville</p>

Courtesy of The Sanctuary at Haafsville

Bissell brought the pig back to Sanctuary at Haafsville in Breinigsville almost six weeks ago — typically, the rescue cares for canines and cats — and says he's "doing fantastic now."

"He's all healed up," she says. "His skin is clear. He was treated for mange [a skin disease caused by parasitic mites]. He had an eye infection that was cleared up, and he was neutered. He had all his vaccines and was worried, so he is living the life now. He's very healthy and happy now. He's gained a lot of weight."

<p>Courtesy of The Sanctuary at Haafsville</p>

Courtesy of The Sanctuary at Haafsville

Snoop Hogg also got help from a local baseball team, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, who donated $750 to his medical care. Bissell says the team reached out after the Sanctuary of Haafsville shared photos of Snoop on social media.

The rescue posted about the generous gesture on Facebook Monday, writing, "We wanted to give a huge shout out to The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. They heard about our buddy Snoop Hogg and decided to pay his entire vet bills!!! We cannot thank them enough."

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"Donations like this enable us to help dogs with medical conditions, seniors, and yes, sometimes sick pigs 🐷," the post continued. "Snoop loved being the center of attention and enjoyed all the extra treats he received. All in all, a good day for our resident pig."

<p>Courtesy of The Sanctuary at Haafsville</p>

Courtesy of The Sanctuary at Haafsville

Bissell says Snoop's future pet parent should be prepared for him to grow to about 100 lbs.

"We want everybody to know that pigs are at least a 15-year commitment, and there's really no such thing as a micro pig," she says.

"He'll still be cute when he is big, don't get me wrong, but pigs get large," she continues. "You have to get them in for their hooves. You have to get them in for their tusks, and sometimes they're not the easiest to transport, so you have to have the setup for them."

She adds that Snoop needs social engagement and is "not an outdoor pig."

<p>Courtesy of The Sanctuary at Haafsville</p>

Courtesy of The Sanctuary at Haafsville

"He would love to be outdoors all day, but he needs to sleep in the home with you at night," she says. "A lot of people want him, but they want him just outdoors as a farm pig, and he's not really made for that. He gets cold; he doesn't like the cold weather."

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While Snoop Hogg can be "a little bit of prima donna," he's also "adorable," Bissell says.

"He is loving and affectionate," she adds. "He can be super bossy. If I leave him in the office and he doesn't want me to leave him in the office, he bangs on the door and pretty much yells for me to come back."

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"He's a lot of fun," she notes. "We give him these little brain game puzzles to play in the office — of course, it's all food motivated — and he will do those. He's a really nice pig."

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