The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond's Kids Reunite at Home for Church — and Poker!

"I’ll take ‘em however I can get ‘em!” Ree joked in the caption

<p>Ree Drummond/Instagram</p> Ree Drummond with son Todd, Bryce, husband Ladd and daughter Paige

Ree Drummond/Instagram

Ree Drummond with son Todd, Bryce, husband Ladd and daughter Paige

Ree Drummond is enjoying quality time with her kids.

On Sunday, the Pioneer Woman star shared a photo with three of her kids outside their local church.

“Poker yesterday, church today ♣️⛪️. I’ll take ‘em however I can get ‘em! ♥” she quipped in the caption.

In the series of Instagram photos, she posed with daughter Paige, 23, and sons Bryce, 21, and Todd, 19. Also smiling in the post was Paige’s new boyfriend, David. (Ree also shares daughter Alex, 26, and foster son Jamar Goff, 21, with husband Ladd.)

Ree previously introduced Paige’s new boyfriend in a blog post that detailed their holiday festivities.

“Okay. I buried the lede. This is David. He's Paige's ‘friend.’ Not her friend, mind you,” Ree joked in the caption of a photo of the pair. “Her ‘friend.’ I won't go into detail because that's Paige's place to do...but the smile on her face might give you some idea of how Paige feels about her new friend. I mean ‘friend.’ I mean, I'm going to stop writing this caption now!”

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While in Vail, Colorado on their family vacation, Ree shared how she spent some quality time with Paige and her new beau.

“David was only able to stay for the first three days, so on his last day, I went out to breakfast with him and Paige,” she wrote, adding details about their meal. “You'll notice my plate was even more full than during my solo breakfast two days earlier. If you eat early in the day, the calories don't count!!”

<p>Ree Drummond/Instagram</p> Ree Drummond with sons Todd and Bryce

Ree Drummond/Instagram

Ree Drummond with sons Todd and Bryce

Paige has posted some photos with her partner, including a glimpse of their trip with friends to Canada and photos of the two in Dallas. Her mom showed some support in the comments section on the post of the two hugging.

“So so so sweet. ❤️,” Ree wrote.

While Ree clearly enjoys reunions with her adult children, the Food Network star has been soaking up her empty nest status with fun activities, including a vibrant girls trip to Nashville.

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In February, she shared details from her weekend with four of her best friends. Ree wrote on her Pioneer Woman blog that the weekend was extra special since it was her first girls trip in years.

“We walked around, laughed, ate, laughed, told old stories, laughed, watched 80's movies, laughed, and shopped for cowboy (cowgirl!) boots and just had the time of our lives,” she wrote in the post. “I texted them all when I got home and wondered when the next trip will be. My cup is full!”

The friends who joined her — Jules, Ang, Sarah-Beara and Jenn Jenn — all go “back as far as fourth grade,” she said.

“I love these girls so much, and time with them means time with people who've known me in all the awkward, clunky, messy stages of my life!” Ree wrote. “And I've known them through theirs. And that is a beautiful thing.”

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